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July 18, 2019
Gould takes over command of Dugway Proving Ground

Col. Scott D. Gould took the reins of Dugway Proving Ground during a change of command ceremony Thursday morning, replacing Col. Brant D. Hoskins after he served his two-year stint as commander.

The change-of-command ceremony was overseen by Maj. Gen. Joe K. Tyler, of U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. Hoskins next assignment will be at Aberdeen. 

In his comments, Tyler praised Hoskins for his leadership at Dugway, acknowledging the unique mission and demands of heading the installation. 

“(Hoskins) has brought energy and focus, commitment and passion, and a vision to this place that I think was appropriate for the time,” he said. 

During Hoskins’ time at Dugway Proving Ground, the installation saw about 300 separate biological and chemical weapons detection tests. Tyler identified Hoskins work to look toward the future and the unique challenges facing remote installations.

“He grabbed this mission with both hands,” Tyler said. “As I said, he has been a tireless advocate, whether at the Pentagon or with visiting senior officials.”

Hoskins said he thoroughly enjoyed his time at Dugway Proving Ground and was optimistic and excited about the future of the installation. 

“We’ve come to love this place,” he said. “We’ve come to love this mission and we’ve come to love the people here, our partners and the rest of the rest of the folks throughout Utah.” 

During his time at Dugway, Hoskins created a vision for the future of the installation through a 2040 strategic plan. He also completed a paper on remote and isolated installations and opened up the commissary to contractors completing testing on site. 

During his remarks, Tyler took the opportunity to praise the fit of Gould at Dugway and said he was excited to have him working there.

“Suffice to say, the Army does some things right,” he said. “I think they picked the exact right leader with the exact right background to lead Dugway.”

Hoskins also passed along advice to Gould and his family on Dugway Proving Ground. 

“Embrace this place, these people and the mission, and you will not be disappointed,” Hoskins said. “I know Dugway will continue to go in the right direction under your leadership.”

The first impression for Gould of the Dugway mission and staff was all positive was described as all positive in his comments Wednesday morning. 

“To the people who are Dugway Proving Ground, over the last week you have impressed me with your dedication, your competence, your professionalism and your excellence,” he said. 

Gould said he firmly believed in Dugway’s mission to test biological and chemical detectors and protective equipment, as it helped him complete his mission in previous duty.  

“Please don’t let it be lost that I acknowledge what you do and how that affects the soldiers and empowers our nation’s defenders,” he said.

Gould last attended the U.S. Army War College prior to assuming command at Dugway. He previously served in several different capacities, including a deployment to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2009 while stationed at Fort Lewis.

At the conclusion of the comments by Hoskins and Gould, they were honored with Order of the Dragon medallions, a recognition of excellence from the Chemical Corps Regimental Association.


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