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February 1, 2023
Grantsville and Tooele girls finish regular season with dual

Grantsville hosted Tooele in the final dual of the season for both teams. Before the meet, Grantsville honored their 10 graduating senior wrestlers and their families, as well as Tooele’s three senior wrestlers.

Grantsville’s seniors are Rickee Clark (100), Brielle Fawson (120), Vanessa Elexpuru (125), Sophia Calchera (135), Emma Quigley (135), Kaizley Clark (140), Mary Armantrout (140), Addison Butler (170), Zoey Cloward (190) and Macie Chukwuba (235). Tooele’s representatives from the Class of 2023 are Jaycee Ware, Ali Baird, and Lani Ned.

Grantsville won the dual 60-18. The Cowboys earned five wins by pin and two by decision. Tooele surrendered 24 points on forfeits and earned three pins. 

Tooele Coach Joel Spendlove noted that the team was nursing a few injuries and were conserving their better players in anticipation of the divisional tournament.

“We were really banged up going into Grantsville and held out some of our better wrestlers to be as healthy as possible for divisionals,” Spendlove said.

Earning the pins for Grantsville were: Hannah Miller (135), Kaizley Clark (140), Courtney Mecham (155), Addison Butler (170), and Macie Chukwuba (235). Zoey Cloward (190) and Sophia Calchera (135) both won by decision, 6-0, and 7-4, for the Cowboys. Rickee Clark (100), Caelia Moyer (110), McKinly Collier (115) and Reagan Pitt (125) all received forfeits for Grantsville. 

Tooele’s wrestlers who won by fall were Linsday Hansen (105), Jaycee Ware (120) and Colbi Hill (145).

Coach Matt Mecham praised his seniors for their dedication and work building the girls wrestling program at Grantsville High and in the state of Utah. 

“To have 10 seniors in such a new sport is amazing; they have taken a chance on a new sport and done so well,” Mecham said. “Kaizley Clark is Grantsville High’s first four-year female wrestler and she wrestled on the boys’ team her freshman year.

“I’m so proud of these girls and our entire team.”

Both Tooele and Grantsville will wrestle next week in the divisional tournaments. Grantsville will travel to Morgan on Wednesday for the 3A Divisionals. Mecham will take the maximum of 28 wrestlers (two per weight class) and hopes to see all 28 of his athletes advance to state. 

“This is what we’ve worked for all year,” Mecham said. “We practice and prepare for February, and February is here, so I’m excited to watch the girls at divisionals. They have worked hard, and it will be great to see them demonstrate their skills at divisionals.”

Coach Spendlove and his team will wrestle at home for the 5A Divisionals Friday and Saturday, February 3-4. He is being cautiously optimistic about his teams’ performance at Divisionals. 

“It will be an interesting weekend,” Mecham assured. “We’ve battled illness and injuries this year, and so we are looking to give our best effort and live with the outcomes.”

Grantsville-Tooele Dual Results- Grantsville 60: Tooele 18

100: Rickee Clark (GHS) over (THS) (For.) 105: Lindsay Hansen (THS) over Sophia Camargo (GHS) (Fall 5:00) 110: Caelia Meyer (GHS) over (THS) (For.) 115: McKinly Collier (GHS) over (THS) (For.) 120: Jaycee Ware (THS) over Brielle Fawson (GHS) (Fall 2:44) 125: Reagan Pitt (GHS) over (THS) (For.) 130: Hannah Miller (GHS) over Andriann Baldwin (THS) (Fall 3:04) 135: Sophia Calchera (GHS) over Gabrilla Ramirez (THS) (Dec 7-4) 140: Kaizley Clark (GHS) over Addy Laird (THS) (Fall 3:03) 145: Colbi Hill (THS) over Emma Quigley (GHS) (Fall 5:46) 155: Courtney Mecham (GHS) over Riley Hansen (THS) (Fall 1:02) 170: Addison Butler (GHS) over Addison Fitch (THS) (Fall 1:54) 190: Zoey Cloward (GHS) over Kaleolane Ned (THS) (Dec 6-0) 235: Macie Chukwuba (GHS) over Irene Reis (THS) (Fall 2:40)

Thursday evening Grantsville traveled to Herriman to take on 5A Mountain Ridge. The Cowboys prevailed over the Sentinels 51-30. Rhylee Clark, Sophia Camargo, Bailey Rainer, Reagan Pitt, Nikki Dong,and Hailey Broderick earned wins in their bouts while Sophia Calcera, Addison Butler, and Lila Andrew took forfeits to add to the team total.

Grantsville-Mountain Ridge Dual Results. Grantsville 51:Mountain Ridge 30 

100: Rhylee Clark (GHS) over Karlie Bishop (MRHS) (Dec 8-4) 105: Sophia Camargo (GHS) over Vanhessa Vu (MRHS) (Fall 0:38) 110: Sydney Chamberlain (MRHS) over Caelia Meyer (GHS) (Fall 0:54) 115: Paris Bowen (MRHS) over Arlie Jensen (GHS) (Fall 0:39) 120: Bailey Rainer (GHS) over Eden Hulet (MRHS) (Fall 1:27) 125: Reagan Pitt (GHS) over McKenna Houskeeper (MRHS) (Fall 0:59) 130: Nikki Dong (GHS) over Danae Fisher (MRHS) (Fall 1:02) 135: Sophia Calchera (GHS) over (MRHS) (For.) 140: Sadie Ashton (MRHS) over (GHS) (For.) 145: Olivia Merino (MRHS) over Courtney Mecham (GHS) (Fall 0:57) 155: Hailey Broderick (GHS) over Gabriella Merino (MRHS) (Fall 4:55) 170: Addison Butler (GHS) over (MRHS) (For.) 190: Lila Andrew (GHS) over (MRHS) (For.) 235: Kate Ashton (MRHS) over Macie Chukwuba (GHS) (Fall 1:01)

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