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October 27, 2020
Grantsville annexations go to court

Erda residents ask a judge to review two recent annexations 

Two Grantsville City annexations have ended up in court.

The Erda Community Association with some Erda citizens have filed motions asking the 3rd District Court to review the Grantsville annexation request known as the Brown Annexation and the approved annexation in the area of Sheep Lane and Erda Way.

In both cases the Erda Community Association and others claim the annexations do not meet requirements of state law due to timing of the application submission, lack of necessary signatures on the annexation petition and other reasons.

Third District Court Judge Dianna Gibson denied a request by the Erda Community Association to issue a preliminary injunction against the annexation into Grantsville of 548.85 acres on its eastern boundary located in the area of Sheep Lane and Erda Way.

Gibson found that only three of four requirements for a temporary injunction had been met. However, the court will proceed with a hearing on the annexation.

Gibson issued a temporary restraining order stopping the Grantsville City Council from approving the Brown annexation until the court hears the annexation review motion.

The Brown annexation is a request by some property owners to annex 1,553 acres of land into Grantsville City.

Sun Valley Ranchettes subdivision is on the west end of the proposed annexation area and Gunderson Acres subdivision lies near the center of the proposed annexation area. The Fassio Egg Farms is also located within the annexation area.

The Tooele County Boundary Commission approved a decision that would allow the proposed Brown annexation into Grantsville, as long as the 14 property owners that didn’t sign the annexation petition aren’t included in the annexation.

Both of these properties are within the proposed boundary of Erda City. If not annexed into Grantsville City, if voters approve Erda’s incorporation, they would become part of Erda City.

Grantsville Mayor Brent Marshall said these property owners came to Grantsville City and requested annexation. The city did not pursue the property owners, according to Marshall.


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