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July 18, 2019
Grantsville approves first phase of high-density development

The Grantsville City Council approved a final plat Wednesday for the first phase of Sun Sage Meadows that would include 28 townhouses on a plot of land at the west end of Main Street. 

The City Council also approved a development agreement for the entire project that includes a total of 76 units with 28 units for the first phase, 25 for the second phase and 23 for the third phase. 

The project area is bordered by Main Street, Clark Street and state Route 138. The land is zoned R-15, 15 units per acre.

IV Development Partners, LLC of Lehi plan to move forward with the development as soon as possible, according to attorney Bruce Baird. 

“We would like to get this development agreement locked in so we can rock-and-roll,” Baird said. “We want to build it and sell it as fast as possible.”

Baird and Reid Dickson of Infinity Consultants represented the developers at the meeting.

Baird represented Tooele Associates in its 2002 lawsuit against Tooele City, which netted the developers $20.7 million.

The entire development was first proposed in 2009, according to council meeting minutes. It stalled for about eight years because of the Great Recession.

Baird indicated there is a strong need for higher density housing and the developers are financially secure.

Councilmembers Jeff Hutchins, Neil Critchlow and Jewel Allen voted to approve the development agreement. Councilmembers Scott Stice and Krista Sparks were absent at the meeting.

Baird wanted to add an addendum to the agreement to extend the time length of the document in case of another recession, but the City Council refused that proposal.

“We have developers come before us all the time and we don’t allow them extra time in case of a recession,” Hutchins said.

An addendum was added to provide mediation to solve any disputes and avoid possible litigation in connection with the development.

A park to be built in the area is also part of the agreement.

Baird wanted to build a park during the third phase, but councilmembers insisted the park be built during the second phase.

“It would be nice to have the park sooner than later,” Allen said.

Baird wanted a development agreement for the entire project, but councilmembers would like to see how the first phase ends up first.

“We only approve 25 units at one time,” Critchlow said.

“Twenty-five lots is remarkably low, but we can live with that,” Baird countered.

The agreement includes a 6-foot-high vinyl fence around the entire development.


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