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September 6, 2018
Grantsville approves plat for 186-home development

A 186-home development received approval on its preliminary plat after the developers agreed to demands from the Grantsville City Council, including a park. 

The development, located between South Hale Street and the Mormon Trail, was discussed for nearly an hour at a work meeting prior to the city council’s 7 p.m. meeting. The subdivision would feature half-acre lots and one access each to Hale Street and Mormon Trail.

The developer, Mountain Vista Development, plans to build the subdivision in seven phases, ranging from 25 to 30 homes in each phase, based on the preliminary plat. 

During the work meeting, Mayor Brent Marshall mentioned concessions the city wanted in the project, including the creation of a park featuring a pavillion, playground equipment, and a grassy area for ball fields. 

The preliminary plat included the possible removal of six lots to sell land to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for a new building. In the plat, the developer proposed offering park space to the church, which it would maintain. 

If the LDS Church was not interested in the park space, the developer would complete the park to the city’s specifications and then deed it to the city with sufficient water rights. The city would then maintain the completed park. 

Marshall also suggested Mountain Vista Development not finish a portion of the road bordering the south of the development, and instead use those funds toward sidewalk or the city’s trail system. The portion of road would be a dead end that doesn’t provide access to any of the homes in the development. 

“If you put an asphalt road down, it’s going to break up because nobody is currently using it and it goes to nothing,” Marshall said. 

Following the work meeting, the city council unanimously approved the preliminary plat during its business meeting. City Councilman Neil Critchlow voiced concern about how children would reach school from the development and the increase of traffic on Hale Street. 

“It’s a great concept. I just hate seeing all the lots in my little town,” said City Councilwoman Krista Sparks.


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