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December 21, 2021
Grantsville City Council accepts annexation petition

Six Mile Ranch annexation includes property in nascent Erda City 

Grantsville City Council has accepted another annexation request for property included in boundaries of the potential city of Erda.

The Grantville City Council voted to accept the annexation petition for what has been named the Six Mile Ranch annexation during their Dec. 15 meeting.

The Six Mile Ranch annexation petition was sponsored by Six Mile Ranch, represented by John Bleazard, president; Sunnie Totmus; and Fassio Egg Farm, represented by Vincent Fassio, vice president. 

The annexation petition covers 7,888 acres of land. It is an amendment to the 8,934-acre annexation petition accepted by the city council during their Nov. 17 meeting, with the withdrawal of lands owned by property owners that did not sign the annexation petition. Some of the withdrawn parcels will be islands of unincorporated land within Grantsville City, allowable under state law with no objections from the county, according to Grantsville Mayor Brent Marshall.

The property is within the boundaries of the voter-approved incorporation for the new city of Erda.

Acceptance of the application, in accordance with state code, is only an acknowledgement that the city had received the application, it is not an approval of the annexation or any promise or indication of future approval, according to Marshall.

“We did not seek this annexation request,” Marshall said. “They (the property owners) came to us. We will now follow the statutory process to consider the request.”

Marshall said the Grantsville City recorder is working on preparing the request for a public  notice. Once it is ready a public notice of the annexation petition will be printed which will start a 30-day comment period, according to Marshall.

If a complaint is received from a person that meets the statutory requirements, the annexation will be reviewed by the Tooele County Annexation Review Commission.

The review commission would issue recommendation, following a hearing and deliberation, to the Grantsville City Council to either accept, accept with revisions, or deny the annexation petition.

If there are no valid objections after 30-days, the Grantsville City Council may take action on the petition.

Grantsville is also involved in a lawsuit with the Erda Community Association over the proposed annexation of the Skywalk property.


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