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June 10, 2021
Grantsville Council wants city manager on board soon to learn from current mayor

Grantsville City Council plans to hire a city manager and would like to have the person on board a few months before January so the new employee would be able to work with Mayor Brent Marshall whose term ends in December.

The Council tabled ordinances at the June 2 meeting to make the mayor a part-time position and create the position of city manager, but will hold a work meeting Wednesday to work out the details of those positions.

Candidates running to replace Marshall include Todd Stewart, Max Chavez, Scott Stice and Neil Critchlow.

Marshall said the candidates know the duties of the mayor could possibly change from what they are now. He is in favor of Grantsville continuing to have a full-time mayor and perhaps an assistant to help out.

“It’s not a 9-to-5 job. It’s a busy job and there is a lot that goes on. I would recommend you could hire an assistant to help the mayor,” Marshall said.

A public hearing was held at the June 2 meeting to receive comments on the creation of a city manager position.

The only comment came in the form of an email from candidate Stewart which was read to the Council by City Recorder Christine Webb.

Stewart said he had concerns about Grantsville hiring a city manager at this time.

“I have concerns about the city at this time hiring a manager or deciding now to do so in the future. We have not seen the full scope of that job or the responsibilities of that position let alone the expected cost of a manager in addition to a potential full-time mayor unless the minds of city council are already made up regarding the mayor. The current mayor has justified the full-time position as one of representation for Grantsville more than one of management to my understanding,” according to the email.

He listed other concerns and In conclusion he wrote:

“The city was able to operate with a part time government in the past without a manager and this seems like a big step in growing our small town government into a more business-like entity that requires more support from the people just to operate.

To close, I say, just because we have seen the county and other cities hire managers, doesn’t mean that it is what we should do. We can be better, we can start something here, we can show everyone there may be a better way. Budgets can be adjusted if needed. Do not rush to commit to a manager just yet.”

Grantsville City Council members praised Marshall for his hard work and service as a longtime full-time mayor at their May 19 meeting.

“We’ve been fortunate to have had a mayor here for 12 years and it has been a luxury to have that kind of knowledge available,” said Councilman Jeff Hutchins. 

Marshall said he will not run for another term as full-time mayor. Marshall first served on the City Council from 2006 until 2010, and was elected Grantsville’s first full-time mayor in 2010 and is currently finishing his third term.


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