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September 22, 2009
Grantsville didn’t dump Anderson

I was appalled with the story headline, “Grantsville dumps Anderson” in last Thursday’s Transcript-Bulletin. What a slap in the face to a man who has done nothing but serve his community in a most upstanding and tireless way for the past two terms as mayor. For the writer of the article to state, “Widespread dissatisfaction with the job Anderson was doing may have driven an above-average voter turnout in Grantsville…” is absolutely ludicrous. Who says this is “widespread dissatisfaction” with Mayor Anderson? I do not believe for one minute that voters were “against” Anderson. Maybe some voters simply felt it was time for a change. Furthermore, a 21 percent voter turnout is not abnormally high for a Grantsville primary election. Grantsville residents are notorious for having a higher-than-average voter turnout. I have absolutely nothing against candidates Brent Marshall and Jill Thomas. I believe either of them would do a tremendous job for the community. Still, it is blatantly unfair for a newspaper to write such a headline and make such a big deal in the newspaper’s lead article. As a former reporter for the Transcript- Bulletin, I covered Mayor Anderson during his first term and a good portion of his second term in office. I will state unequivocally that he is a man who loves his community and who worked tirelessly in behalf of the city’s citizens. Thank you, Mayor Anderson, for your time and dedication. You can hold your head up high, knowing that you accomplished a lot during your tenure at the helm of Grantsville City. Let’s take a few minutes to offer our thanks to Mayor Anderson and to councilman Paul Rupp (who did not seek reelection) for the fantastic jobs they did in our behalf. Few will ever fully know the number of hours they gave to the city, or appreciate the dedication with which they served.

Mary Ruth Hammond


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