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October 13, 2022
Grantsville finishes regular season 9-1 after 45-28 win over Juan Diego

On the night of the team’s final game of the regular season, the Grantsville Cowboys football team looked to go out on a high note in their road game against Juan Diego Catholic Soaring Eagle.

Grantsville came into the Soaring Eagle’s stadium boasting an 8-1 record, compared to Juan Diego’s 5-4 win-loss tally.

Juan Diego opened the scoring in the first quarter, completing a passing touchdown just two minutes into the game. Grantsville’s response was quick, as it notched seven points of its own to tie the game at seven three minutes after Juan Diego’s initial touchdown.

Cowboys running back Ethan Rainer gave his team its first lead of the game, running for a 4-yard touchdown and putting Grantsville on top 14-7 to wrap up the first quarter scoring.

Grantsville held on to the seven-point margin in the second, after both teams exchanged touchdowns and the Cowboys took a 21-14 lead into the half.

Grantsville began piling on the points in the second half, thanks to the efforts of running back Gabe Mouritsen (80-yard touchdown run), Hayden Hall (15-yard touchdown reception) and quarterback Hunter Bell (1-yard touchdown run). 

With the three scores, which brought the Cowboys’ total to 10 touchdowns, Juan Diego’s 14-point response over the two quarters was not enough to get back into the game and Grantsville pulled away with a 45-28 win to cap off regional play.

With the victory, Grantsville finishes with a 9-1 record ahead of the state championships. The team awaits the bracket reveal later this week, but will have a bye week on Oct. 21 before its first playoff game the following week.

One thought on “Grantsville finishes regular season 9-1 after 45-28 win over Juan Diego

  1. These articles are such garbabge now compared to who used to write the reviews and analysis of the games. They used to be full of details, now they are skeleton reviews full of errors of how the games actually went! I used to look forward to these and now I barely bother.

    I read this article to see if by chance if it stated exactly how Grantsville got into field goal range to make the score 24-14 before halftime since the livestream cut out, just to not have that detail and the wrong halftime score reported!

    Tooele Transcript needs to get it together!

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