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April 2, 2015
Grantsville gives plat approval to Anderson Ranch expansion

anted final plat approval Wednesday to a 25-acre addition to the Anderson Ranch development.

Developer Doug Cannon brought plans for the development before the council, which will create 39 single-family lots of about a half acre each. Since the development secured council approval, Cannon said he expects work on the subdivision to start next Monday.

Construction on new housing will be the sixth phase of development on the property south of Durfee Street in Grantsville. Cannon said the original phase was constructed about 15 years ago and he owns an additional 75 acres that could see more expansion.

The new development will connect to Saddle and Gold Dust roads. Construction equipment will use Sagebrush Lane, which connects to Worthington Street, to access the subdivision, which will be built in two separate sections.

According to Cannon, the eastern segment of the development, or Phase 6B, will be constructed first. Since the construction equipment will access the development from the west, work backwards to the Phase 6A section makes more sense, he said.

“With 6B first, we’ve already got that access that cuts in,” he said. “We can take the construction traffic through that, then we’re not having to drive the construction traffic for 6B through a completed 6A.”

Cannon said there are already 12 interested buyers for homes in the initial round of homes, which includes 19 single-family lots.

“If things keep going like they’re going, we anticipate starting (6)A about the time we finish (6)B,” he said.

The council approved the final plat review by a 4 to 0 vote, with Councilman Mike Johnson absent. Under Grantsville’s code, construction on the second phase of the expansion cannot begin until 6B is 70 percent complete.

A single road will cut through the middle of the subdivision, which Cannon had originally named Old Ranch Road. The Grantsville City Planning Commission suggested a different name, as there are already two roads with similar names in the city.

The planning commission has recommended Welles Cannon Road, after Doug Cannon’s late father who started the Anderson Ranch development.

Cannon said he wouldn’t have considered naming the road after his father without the suggestion of the planning commission, but supported the change. He said he started working on housing with his father, who passed away last October from multiple myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells.

Welles Cannon enjoyed working with people on his projects, including the council and planning commission, his son said.

“The part of the business that he enjoyed was the people side,” Doug Cannon said. “I’ve been working with him since I could walk.”

Councilman Scott Stice said Welles Cannon changed his preconceived notions of developers.

“I’ve heard a lot of terrible things about developers,” Stice said. “Your dad was the first one I met and I went, ‘They must be talking about someone else.’”


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