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November 30, 2017
Grantsville High announces Hall of Fame nominations

Nominations for Grantsville High School’s 2017 Hall of Fame will be accepted through Dec. 22.

The Hall of Fame categories include:

• Pride: Any former GHS student-athlete who excelled at GHS, while in college, or professionally.

• Tradition: Any teacher, administrator or staff who has made significant contributions to GHS or the Tooele County School District.

• Excellence: Any GHS alumni who has gone on to achieve success in the world of education, business, research, medicine, or other field — and/or made valuable contributions to their organization and to society.

Nominators are asked to submit a summary of the contributions and achievements of the nominee, their position held, and year of graduation from GHS. Also, any years of service or other information that may assist the selection committee would be helpful.

Limit the summary to one typed page. All nominations received will be saved on file. If a nominee is not chosen one year, they are eligible to be nominated the following year.

Nominators are also asked to attach two letters of recommendation from someone familiar with the nominee and his/her achievements. Such persons may include professional colleagues or leaders in the nominee’s field.

Nominations can be submitted to GHS principal Jared Small or athletic director Shane Heath at Grantsville High School, 155 Cowboy Dr., Grantsville, Utah 84029. Nominations can also be emailed to:

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