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image Timm Dixon started his job Monday as a full-time engineer for Gransville City.

August 27, 2020
Grantsville hires full-time engineer

Housing and industrial development is booming in Grantsville which makes planning for infrastructure a major task.

In the past Grantsville has used Aqua Engineering to help with mandatory engineering needs, but now the city has its own full-time engineer.

“We have a lot of projects going on now where we need an engineer. With a contract engineer they’re not always available. Now we can have one available all the time,” said Mayor Brent Marshall.

Timm Dixon started his job as full-time engineer Monday. The City interviewed five candidates for the position and used five professional engineers to help them select the best candidate.

“Each engineer graded the candidates and then we averaged the scores with Timm coming out with the highest score,” the mayor said.

Grantsville will pay Dixon a salary of $95,000.

Dixon most recently worked as a construction engineer for Riverton City.. He worked two years as assistant city engineer for South Jordan City.

Dixon comes to Grantsville with several years experience working for engineering firms throughout Arizona. His experience includes commercial development planning and design, bidding and contracting construction work, grading plan and utility plan design, project budgeting, cost analysis and cost estimating.

He and wife Traci have three sons. Dixon grew up in Rose Park and his wife grew up on a dairy farm in Idaho.

“When the job came open I read the description and thought it would be something I definitely would be interested in,” Dixon said. 

He read one year’s worth of city council minutes to get a feel for the issues the city faced.

“My wife and I came out on a weekend and drove around town and kind of fell in love with the small-town feel and the small-town lifestyle,” he said.

“Just driving around the city was an advantage for me. I could see drainage problems and secondary access problems and other things talked about in council meetings,”

Several landowners have requested annexation into Grantsville in recent months, and the Council recently updated the annexation plan for the city.

“It’s easy to see on paper how big the area is, but on Monday when the mayor drove me from one end of the city to the other end it’s amazing how big the city could become,” Dixon said.

He said some areas may not be developed  for several years.

“Grantsville has been so small for so long, but moving forward we must be on the same playing field as far as standards and specifications. The main job is to protect the public safety,” he said.

The engineer will work closely with Grantsville Planning & Zoning Commission as they review subdivision plans and other types of developments. He will also work closely with Public Works Director James Waltz.

In addition to engineering, Dixon has helped coach basketball at various colleges and even served as head coach at Missouri Valley College in Marshall, Missouri. He worked as an assistant at Texas A&M, Idaho State and Grand Canyon College in Phoenix.

“I fell in love with engineering and fell in love with coaching basketball. Most engineers like to golf. I like to coach basketball,” Dixon said.


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