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image Claudia Lowder straightens books on the shelves at the Grantsville Library on Wednesday.

March 16, 2017
Grantsville Library sees success in first year with accreditation

Grantsville City Library director John Ingersoll highlighted the progress made in the past year during his annual presentation to the city council during its meeting Wednesday evening.

The library received its state accreditation on April 25 of last year, which opened the door to additional funding opportunities. The library received $5,500 in state Community Library Enhancement Funds for the current year, Ingersoll said.

“This is money we receive as a direct result of our being a certified library,” he said.

The catalog in circulation now exceeds 76,000 items, including downloadable audio and ebooks, and the library’s total circulation rose, according to Ingersoll. The digital items in the catalog were acquired for free through partnerships.

“Access to these databases are made available through a free collaboration with our library and the Utah State library,” Ingersoll said.

The library is a popular wifi hotspot both during and after library hours, according to Ingersoll. Services like accessibility for online job searches and resume reviews have been popular, as well as collaborative programs with Grantsville’s public schools.

Grantsville City Mayor Brent Marshall praised the library’s adult literacy programs. Those in the program can now read what is put before them and sign their names, he said.

“To most of us that probably doesn’t seem like a major feat,” Marshall said. “But if you were an individual who had gone all the way through school, or dropped out of school, because you had troubles trying to read or write, that’s a feat in itself.”

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