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May 7, 2015
Grantsville looking at new police station

Preliminary concepts for a new $4 million police and court complex were presented to the Grantsville City Council on Wednesday night.

Grantsville City Police Chief Kevin Turner said the process began back in February when the department received permission to look into construction of a new justice center on city property.

“We went through a complete needs assessment workshop,” he said. “There were interviews and many hours spent on what the department needs and maybe some wants.”

Turner mentioned the department needed additional space during his annual report to the city council in January.

James R. Child Associates Architects won the bid to begin conceptual work and analyze the space requirements for the station. JRCA Architects President Jim Child presented the preliminary plans for the police station and courts and described the scope of the project to the council.

The facility would total just under 14,000 square feet, including a 3,434-square-foot courtroom. For reference, the Grantsville Fire Station is approximately 15,500 square feet and the city’s library is about 13,000 square feet.

The cost of the $4 million justice center would include $3.2 million in construction cost, or $205 per square foot, Child said. The firm recently completed a similar facility with a similar price tag, he said.

“We feel confident that the numbers are correct,” Child said.

The firm also produced a proposal for the police station without the attached court space, which cost over $2.9 million for a 10,488-square-foot building. The station could be built with space left allocated for the courtroom to be an addition to the building later, Child said.

Designs for the facility include a multi-purpose room for groups and events to interact with police independent of law enforcement activity. Some rooms would have two uses, like a combined space that would hold police training and serve as jury chambers.

Child said the building was designed with up to a decade of expansion for the police department and court system in mind.

“What we find though is, beyond that seven to 10 year range, building empty space isn’t economical for you,” he said. “It’s better to place this building on a site where we can expand on those spaces.”

The city is reviewing three possible locations for the proposed justice center. One location is north of Clark Street, across from the end of Bowery Street, which Child called the firm’s least favorite option.

Both of the remaining locations would be around existing city buildings. One proposal is to put the new police station north of the library and on the east side of Bowery Street.

The city is also considering a location north of the Mountain West Ambulance building on Main Street, along the near side of east side of City Hall’s parking lot.

No timetable on funding or construction of the project was discussed during the meeting Wednesday. The city council is expected to review the proposal again at its next meeting on May 20 at 7 p.m.  

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