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March 3, 2005
Grantsville OKs new subdivision

Site is across from Wal-Mart DC 

Grantsville City essentially approved a preliminary plat Wednesday for a spacious urbanstyle subdivision to be located directly across the street from the new Wal-Mart Distribution Center.

Silver Fox subdivision, if all goes as planned, will feature 41 houses on half-acre lots. The property is owned by Darrell Nielsen, the same man who sold the land to Wal-Mart for the distribution center set to open within the next few weeks.

Jay Wadman, spokesperson for the proposed subdivision, presented the preliminary plat to the council. Grantsville Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) had made recommendation that the city approve the plat upon condition the developer make some revisions on swells to contain storm waters.

Councilmen Kyle Matthews, Todd Castagno, Robin Baird and Paul Rupp voted in favor of accepting the proposal upon the condition that Craig Neeley, Grantsville City engineer, sign off on the project. In addition to revision of the swells, the council indicated that three lots in the subdivsion will have to be slightly enlarged to meet one-half acre zoning requirements in that area.

Councilman Wayne Butler voted against granting approval for the preliminary plat. Butler did not specifically state his reasons for the dissenting vote. However, he did note during last night’s meeting that he would rather see the subdivision be designed as country/rural area rather than urban.

According to the preliminary plat, access to the new subdivision — on which work could possibly begin within 60 days — could be made either from Old Lincoln Highway or state Route 138. However, the city engineer will not sign off on the final plat until the swells are revised and adjustment is made to the size of the three lots. Wadman assured the council that revisions to the swells have already been made and it will be easy to adjust the lot sizes.

One way to adjust the lot sizes, the council suggested, would be for the landowner to designate seven feet of lots bordering Old Lincoln Highway to the city.

Reasoning for that suggestion was that during a public hearing on the subdivision, residents living along Old Lincoln Highway indicated they want their area of the city to maintain a “country feel” without curb and gutter. Widening the highway by seven feet would provide a more rural atmosphere.

An increase in the road width could be made, said P&Z member Gary Fawson, if the Silver Fox landowner deeds to Grantsville seven feet of the lots closet to Old Lincoln Highway. Wadman indicated that neither he or the landowner would have any problem with that request.

While there is currently no date on when Old Lincoln Highway might be improved, councilmen noted that the project is in their capital facilities plan.

Improvements on the highway are not currently on the city’s priory list, but that could change.

And Councilman Paul Rupp noted that if Old Lincoln Highway is not upgraded before the subdivision is completed, most Silver Fox residents would probably try to access the subdivsion from SR- 138. “That’s not going to be real pretty,” Rupp said, adding that SR-138 is already going to see a tremendous increase in traffic with the opening of the Wal-Mart distribution center.

Councilman Robin Baird asked Wadman if Silver Fox’s landowner and developer would designate one lot in the subdivision as a park. Wadman responded that while that is a possibility it would create obstacles. “It would be one more added cost that would impact development of the subdivision,” Wadman stated.

Wadman added that the landowner does not want to form a homeowners association at Silver Fox. Without that association, Wadman said maintenance of the park would fall upon the shoulders of the subdivision’s residents. He said he has concerns that the park would be properly maintained.

Wadman did say, however, that if the first 41 lots in Silver Fox sell successfully, a second phase of the subdivision would be presented to the city council. That phase would “probably” include a park.

Still, Baird was adamant in his request that the Silver Fox establish a park in its first phase of development. While Baird noted that the city cannot make the developer place a park in the area, he said, “This subdivision is a long way from parks in Grantsville.

With a subdivision that large you will have over 100 children. Were are those children going to play? The Planning and Zoning Committee either overlooked this issue, or it was not a big concern for them. I would encourage you to [incorporate the park].”

Councilman Rupp, on the other hand, said he did not object to having no park in the subdivision because the lot sizes are half acres. “There are many lots in Grantsville less than one-quarter acre,” Rupp continued. “With onehalf acre lots, you will have quite a bit of open space.”

The preliminary plat for Silver Fox indicates that lots closest to SR-138 will not face the highway. Rather, the backyards of those houses will be seen by those traveling along SR-138. Wadman indicated that the developer does not plan to fence the portion of the development closest to SR-138. Instead, swells to collect storm waters will be placed close that highway.

Once adjustments of the size of the three lots and revision of the swells are signed off by Grantsville engineer, Wadman will go back to the P&Z for final approval of Silver Fox subdivision. If approval is granted there, the final step will be for the city council to grant final approval.

Grantsville City Recorder Wendy Palmer said it is conceivable that the final plat could be approved by the city within 60 days. While there will be no further public hearings on the matter, residents are welcome to attend the P&Z meeting as well as the council meeting when the project is listed as an agenda item for each group. There are currently no dates set for the final approval of the subdivision, but agendas for both the P&Z and city council meetings are printed in the public notice section of the Tooele Transcript-Bulletin).

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