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April 21, 2020
Grantsville resident celebrates 103rd birthday

Grantsville CIty Council honored her Wednesday night and members of the Willow Creek Branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints threw a birthday bash for her Thursday.

The occasion was the 103rd birthday of Vonda Mae Craner, who lives at Willow Creek Apartments.

“They did pretty good by me. I still have balloons tied to my walker,” Craner said Monday.

She was able to visit with Council members via Zoom Wednesday night.

“Congratulations on such an incredible milestone,” the mayor said. “You have seen more changes in our world with the advances in science and medical care and the industrial and technical world than most people could imagine. You may be our oldest resident. We wish you a happy birthday.”

Branch members practiced social distancing and sang “Happy Birthday” to Craner on Thursday. Marla Atkinson made a birthday cake, Beth Marshall provided flowers and Deanna Hislop made banners and signs.

Branch President Neil Critchlow said Craner’s 78-year-old son, who lives in Arizona, came to Thursday’s party in Grantsville.

“I was so surprised. I was flabbergasted. I guess it’s like being a big fish in a little pond,” Craner said.

She moved to Grantsville about five years after living in Salt Lake City.

“At the time my daughter lived in Magna and my son in Elko. I thought Grantsville would be in between the two,” Craner said.

She said she hates being isolated because of Covid-19.

“At 103 years old you don’t go anyplace very often anyway,” she said.

She’s unsure about the secret of long life.

“I had one extra-good husband and one mediocre one. Somebody up above apparently doesn’t like me too much and doesn’t want me, and I guess somebody down below doesn’t want me either,” she said. “I open one eye in the morning to make sure I’m still here.”


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