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September 15, 2020
Grantsville to trash monthly garbage pickup program

Grantsville City will do away with its monthly bulk garbage pickup program and consider a 2% increase in the cost for regular garbage pickup. October will be the final month for bulk garbage pickup.

“Instead of monthly pickup at residents’ houses we will bring dumpsters to certain locations in the community twice a year for residents to use,” said Mayor Brent Marshall. 

The dates these dumpsters are available would be advertised in the mayor’s newsletter and on the City Facebook page.

The City sent a letter to residents this month explaining that garbage left on the side of the road for weeks at a time has become a road hazard and an eyesore.

The letter urges residents who have a lot of garbage to transport it to the Tooele County Landfill.

In regard to the 2% increase in garbage fees, a public hearing is set for 7 p.m. Wednesday at city hall.

The mayor said that because of COVID-19 and limited seating at city hall, the best way for residents to have their voice heard is by sending their comments to by 5 p.m. Wednesday

The effective date for the new fee for garbage service will be January 1, 2021. Grantsville City’s proposed new recycling fee is $6.50 per recycling can, up from $5 per can. A second recycling can would also cost $6.50.

The new rate for recycling shall be effective November 1, 2020. 

Those who do attend Wednesday’s  meeting must wear a mask. The meeting will also be broadcast on ZOOM although no comments will be taken through ZOOM.

Due to the proposed increase in price, we are allowing residents to opt out of the recycling program during the month of October, the mayor said.

To opt out, residents should call city hall at (435) 884-3411 before Oct. 30. The next opt out month won’t be until January, 2021 if residents miss the Oct. 30 deadline.


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