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May 21, 2020
Group moves May 30 concert and business festival to Tooele County

A controversial country music concert originally planned for Kaysville City has taken a turn and is now headed for a facility south west of Grantsville City.

Utah Business Revival announced Thursday morning that their May 30 event featuring country music singer Collin Raye is relocating the event to Studio/Ranch Amphitheater up Box Elder Canyon in Tooele County near Grantsville.

“We care deeply about business owners and those who want to peaceably assemble, enjoy a free concert, and quality family fun,” said Eric Moutsos, with Utah Business Revival. “We are anxious to help even more small business owners survive and restore some Constitutional freedoms at the same time.”

Along with the concert, Utah Business Renewal wants to highlight the small business heroes who set up booths and give them a safe, outdoor opportunity to provide for their families and pay their mortgages.

At the Studio/Ranch Amphitheater venue there will be free space available for up to 300 businesses, according to Moutsos.

The event is free, no tickets are required. UBR encourages people to bring lawn chairs and their family, to be respectful to those who social distance at seven feet, and to feel free to wear PPE.

The concert and business market will take place on May 30, 2020 from 6-10 p.m., according to Moutsos.

Some members of the Kaysville City Council expressed concerns that the concert would violate state health guidelines for mass gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic recovery.

Tooele County Commissioner Shawn Milne said that Utah Business Revival and their event is welcome in Tooele County, but it will need to follow the same process as any mass gatherings.

Gatherings of over 1,000 people need to submit paperwork for a permit showing that issues such as parking, public safety, sanitation, and alcohol sales have been properly addressed, according to Milne.

The County will also need to have a dialogue with the state about how organizers can show they can meet state Utah Leads Together recovery plan guidelines, Milne said.


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