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April 30, 2019
Had enough yet?

Getting old is a pain. I’m 71. My memory is not what it used to be. I really wanted to go try and talk to Rep. Chris Stewart when he was in town. I had questions. After reading the article in our local paper, I have comments.

I don’t want to offend anyone, but I really don’t care for his political style. Several weeks ago, I sent a “Congressional Complaint” to his office in Washington. I haven’t got a reply, or acknowledgement of its receipt. Nothing. The issue was Federal government subsidies to major “for profit” companies, other civilian business and other countries. A couple of examples: United Nations, U.S. regular budget $5.7 billion; peacekeeping budget, $7.8 billion; Royal Dutch Shell, $2.1 billion; General Motors, $3.7 billion; and Boeing, $13.5 billion. These are just a few examples of the out of control U.S. government subsidizing for 2019. There are more, many more receiving “tax payer dollars” in subsidies. Meanwhile, too many homeless are living on the street. Many of them are Vets in need of help. Social Security is being referred to as an “entitlement.” 

Rep. Stewart talks about his “fear” of Socialism. Not in the general public; but in government. He mentions our schools. Isn’t this where “Socialism” starts? It’s being taught there today while the Free Market system is downplayed. Members of Congress are openly declaring themselves the “New Democratic Socialist Party.”

Rep. Stewart sees the need of government involvement in health care. So, what does the government “manage” for the public’s benefit that is cost efficient and not a failure? If you think back to before discussions of Obama Care, maybe you recall it was all about “affordable health care.” It morphed into affordable “insurance” as the discussion advanced. There’s a significant difference between the two.

Our country is wealthy beyond your imagination. But our wealth (tax dollars) is being squandered away by the charlatans on both sides in Congress. The Republicans, just like the Democrats, held both houses and the Presidency recently. They ignored the opportunity to resolve health care and illegal immigration. Yes, illegal immigration. Legal immigrants come through the front door. Illegal immigrants/invaders come in any way they can disregarding our immigration laws. Then they are in the “candy store” (USA), and they’re free to take what they want with little or no consequence.

If you listened to Rep. Stewart, he offered no ideas and no answers. Just the same old Party Play Book lines in response to your questions. 

Have you had enough yet?

Louis Duquette


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