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April 18, 2017
Half a season has solved nothing

Did I mention that this year’s race for the Region 10 softball title is wide open?

We’ve almost reached the halfway point of the regular season, and only one thing’s been confirmed: Park City isn’t going to the postseason. Other than that, everything is still up for grabs in what promises to be a wild battle for home-field advantage.

Grantsville, which beat Union and Park City, lost to Tooele. Tooele, which had started 0-2 in region play, is 2-2 after beating Grantsville and Park City. Stansbury started off with wins over Park City and Tooele, but lost to Union. Union lost to Grantsville, but will likely be joined in first place by whoever wins Wednesday’s Grantsville-Stansbury game, with a win over Park City all but guaranteed.

Got all that?

There’s little doubt that the four teams who will represent Region 10 in the state tournament will be battle-tested. Even with Grantsville’s 10-0 loss to Bear River last week, it would surprise nobody to see one of Region 10’s representatives reach the state championship game, if they don’t end up winning the whole thing.

Each region champion gets to host a four-team, double-elimination “pod” in the opening round of the state tournament. A win means you’re going to Spanish Fork the next week.

At least it’s a relatively short road trip for the fourth-place team from Region 11, which has to face the Region 10 champion. And while Bear River looks like a tough out, getting to host Region 10’s fourth-place team in the opening round doesn’t seem like much of a reward. Region 11’s No. 2 and No. 3 seeds look to be overmatched by their counterparts from Region 10, in all likelihood.

It’s likely that all four squads from Region 10 will make it to the second weekend of the state tournament, though it’s unlikely that all four will make it there unscathed.

But all it takes is getting to Spanish Fork. Once you’re there, anything can happen.

And with Tooele County’s three teams — Grantsville, Stansbury and Tooele — and a resurgent Union squad, it probably will.

Darren Vaughan is a veteran sports writer from Moab, Utah. He is thankful for the press box at the Deseret Peak Complex, where he was able to watch Thursday’s Grantsville-Tooele softball game without getting blown away in the wind. Email him at 

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