Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

December 25, 2012
Has community become callous?

My wife and I were leaving Walmart Sunday and noticed the Angel Tree with little wishes from families who cannot afford gifts for their children this Christmas. We picked two kids’ wishes and bought something they wanted for Christmas. Yesterday I returned these gifts to the Walmart service desk and in passing the Angel Tree I noticed how many requests were still hanging there. Over the past couple of weeks a person cannot help but notice the shopping carts everywhere, not just in Walmart, filled to overflowing with gifts. Has our society become so callous to others in need that we as a city cannot afford even one thing for another child in need? Have we as a so-called Christian society deafened ourselves to the true meaning of Christmas and would allow the poor in our community to do without? I challenge everyone living in this community to take a child’s wish from this tree and make it equally happy for those children in this community who would otherwise do without this Christmas.

Louis Duquette


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