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March 12, 2013
Hats off to the DUP

I have just purchased the new book “History of Utah’s Tooele County,” which was published by the Daughters of Utah Pioneers. Congratulations to DUP editors Lynne Bevan, Marilyn Shields, Gwen Roberts and MaryLou Jefferies; to the many writers and contributors throughout the community who participated; and to Dave Bern, Aaron Gumucio and John Hamilton from Transcript Bulletin Publishing who worked with them. What a fantastic job!

If you live in Tooele County, or have lived in Tooele County, you should have this book. I can’t think of a better present to give to someone.

It’s a big county and has a big history, but the book does an excellent job of covering every inch and almost all of the important events and histories of the settlers.

Besides that, it’s an interesting read and an excellent job of writing and editing.

Hats off to the DUP!

Joel Dunn


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