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January 28, 2020
Haynie family, friends mourn victims at funeral

Four Haynie family members laid to rest during funeral services Friday in Grantsville; father and son speak of love and thankfulness 

A somber mood fell over the entire city of Grantsville on Friday, according to Mayor Brent Marshall.

The Haynie family, friends and community members gathered for the funeral service on Friday for the four Haynie family members who were shot to death in their home on Jan. 17.

Laid to rest were Alejandra Haynie, 52, and her children Alexis, 15, Matthew, 14, and Milan,12. Colin Jeffery “CJ” Haynie, the brother and son of the victims, has been charged in court with their deaths.

The service was held at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Grantsville Utah Stake Center. 

The church’s chapel and cultural hall were full during the service and an overflow area was opened in another room to accommodate attendees.

The program included remarks from Danny Haynie, brother and son of the victims, and Colin Haynie, father and husband of the victims.

Invited family friends shared recollections of their experiences with the Haynie family and church leaders also spoke about the faith’s belief in families and eternal life.

At the request of Colin Haynie, a group of family friends sang acapella the hymn, “Each Life That Touches Ours For Good.”

Danny Haynie reflected on his memories of his brothers, sister and mother.

He reflected on his friendly rivalry with his brother Matthew.

“When I see him again we will continue to have our little rivalry,” Danny said. “Hopefully by then he won’t be able to wrestle me down to the ground, because he was getting pretty close to that.”

Danny also recalled his sister, Alexis’ “quiet confidence.”

According to Danny, his mother loved to cook and served people around her by her food.

Danny also spoke about his brother, CJ.

“I wish CJ could know how much I love him,” Danny said. “I want to be there for him. He is  part of our family. We all love him and want the best for him. Part of me feels like we lost him too, but he is still here. We love and care for him. He will always be my little brother that is taller than me.”

One of the family friends described Alejandra as a “mother bear” who would do anything for her children.

Another family friend described Matthew as “loving and caring for people.”

The siblings loved each other and fiercely took care of each other,” said another family friend.

Colin Haynie said he has come to the realization that his family’s tragedy is more than a family concern.

“It’s not just a family matter,” he said. “It really is a community matter. Thank you everybody for their support in this challenging time.”

On the way to the cemetery to pick out plots, Colin said he saw students putting up yellow ribbons on poles along the road.

“It was very touching to me,” he said. “We stopped and thanked them.”

Colin said he is trying to think of the good things.

“I can choose to remember the many good things,” he said. “The tragic nature of this. The question, ‘Why does God allow this?’ does not change my faith one bit.”

Colin said he will move forward with the goals he has set for himself.

“Moving forward I intend to work on my goals,” Colin said. “I know my children and my wife are watching and want me to be successful, as much as I wanted them to succeed.”


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