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September 1, 2020
Health department to distribute new COVID-19 care packages

Packages will have information and essential COVID-19 supplies 

The Tooele County Health Department will start a campaign called “Tooele County Cares —  Prevent COVID-19.”

The campaign, which was created by Amy Bate from the health department, will include a care package with a booklet containing information on COVID-19, masks, thermometers, hand sanitizer, gloves, and two magnets.

“My deputy director said that we should do a community-wide campaign,” Bate said. “I looked into it and I thought, ‘Okay, what is it people need to know?’ I gathered a lot of information and tried to present it in an easy format.”

Bate said that her favorite part of the campaign are masks that say “Tooele County cares. I wear this mask for ___.”

Individuals can write who they are wearing their masks for in the blank space.

The county Health Department will distribute the care packages, beginning with the most vulnerable populations — which includes high-risk individuals, the homeless, and those with mental disabilities.

“We will be working to get these out to our clients that participate in our drive through meal program,” Bate said. “We are going to also be working with the food pantry, so they can work with families that are struggling and they may not have access to information or some of the supplies that come in the package.”

The Health Department also plans on working with the Meals on Wheels program to distribute the care packages.

After distributing the care packages to the most vulnerable population, Bate plans on distributing the packages in Stansbury, Grantsville, Tooele, and Wendover.

“We are going to have a drive through distribution after we get these out to the vulnerable population,” Bate said. “We will set up and announce a time and a place. We will probably actually use the drive through area at the senior center to do that.”

As soon as supplies come in for the care packages, the health department will create 1,000 care packages to launch their campaign, according to Bate.

“If this is well received and we have people interested and wanting more, then we will look at purchasing more and distributing them,” she said.

The care packages help get both information and useful supply into the hands of the people that need it the most.

“We really just want information about the virus out there,” Bate said. “We also want to provide some useful items, like hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves.”

Along with the care package campaign, the Health Department has put up four billboards with information related to the novel coronavirus in the county.

“We want to get these out as soon as possible,” said Bate. “It’s been fun and I just want members of the community to be excited about it!”


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