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April 18, 2013

Jerel Johnson and Wendy Heder

Jerel Johnson and Wendy Heder

Wendy Heder and Jerel Johnson are pleased to announce their marriage which took place on March 29. Wendy was the widow of the late Van O. Heder, who passed away from leukemia in 2010. Wendy and Van had six children, five daughters and one son. Jerel Johnson is a special education teacher for Tooele County School District. He has three daughters and two sons. Together Wendy and Jerel have 11 fabulous children, with two grandchildren and four sons-in-law (19 altogether). Their inspirational love story began Dec. 7, 2012. That morning Wendy felt inspired to visit the gravesite of her deceased husband to reflect on their past together and ponder her future. She remembers asking, “If and when I need to start dating, would you please send me someone wonderful?” That evening Jerel dropped by and asked for her phone number. Over the course of the next three months, each of them experienced events together and individually, which was more than just a coincidence.  These events strengthened their relationship and together determined they were meant to be together to begin a “new chapter in life.” Jerel proposed to Wendy on Valentine’s Day. They just returned home from their amazing honeymoon in Hawaii and will be living life to the fullest in Wendy’s home in Tooele.

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