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December 19, 2017
Higher gasoline prices

I would like to ask the residents of the Tooele area a question: Why are gasoline prices so consistently high compared to our neighbors to the east of us?

With all of the Christmas shopping to do in the Salt Lake area, a person can’t help but see the vast differences in gas prices between here and there. I know some of you will say it’s the cost of transportation out here. Then why are gas prices $2.21 to $2.26 in Herriman? This is per the app “GasBuddy” from Dec. 17, 2017. Or Provo $2.25/$2.33?  South Jordan $2.15/$2.29?

Imagine if state and federal gas taxes weren’t so high? Gov. Herbert is very proud of the state’s “Rainy Day” fund. St. George News, Jan. 17, 2016: “In addition, Utah’s Rainy-Day fund has now reached $528 million, the highest amount in the state’s history.” The only way this windfall could amass this number is over taxation.

Here comes a new year in a few days. It’s time to start fighting over-pricing with our feet and dollars. My wife and I will always choose a local business over anything out of town, but…

Mid-term elections are next year as well. It’s way past time “We the People” stand up to the over-taxation leveled on us by and through our elected officials both state and federal.

Merry Christmas to all!

Louis Duquette


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