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April 22, 2014
Hiring county employees

In reference to the article “Commissioners want final say on new hires.”

Do not let the county commissioners have any say in the hiring of any county employees. The director of maintenance that retired was making about $60,000 a year. They changed the job title and brought in someone from out of state and started him at $80,000 a year — when they had employees already on board that knew the job inside and out.

If the manuals, employee handbooks, laws and regulations are vague, bring in an unbiased outside law firm to fix all of the problems at once. You will never get it right taking it behind closed doors with local officials, because their opinions are already set in stone. They have already done it before on important issues. I commend the employees that stood up and expressed their opinion. They just helped secure their own jobs by going public at the commission meeting. All county employees should have the right to do the same without repercussion

Everywhere I go, people say “keep your letters coming, you are doing a good job.” I’ve had people come to my house and invite me to go to commissioner meetings. That will not happen because I do not want to be in the same room with the two commissioners that shut down Deseret Peak Complex and hurt the kids and cost the county money that the county will never get back.

If the commissioners want to meet with me in person, they all know where I live. They can all three come at the same time. I have plenty of lawn chairs and we can sit down and discuss what the Transcript-Bulletin can’t publish.

Kent Williams


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