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January 23, 2020
Historical Preservation Commission works to protect historic Tooele sites

The Tooele City Historical Preservation Commission longs to keep historic Tooele in the best shape possible.

The commission’s mission is to protect historic buildings and structures, educate individuals on the importance of historic buildings, and raise awareness about historic places. 

“We try to do all that we can do to educate people about the historic sights throughout Tooele and work to preserve what we have,” said commission member Dr. Stephany Statz. “Raising awareness is especially important to local history.”

When the commission realizes a building is historic, it takes the initiative to have it placed on The National Register of Historic Places. 

“Being on the commission and working here at the Tooele Valley Museum, I hand out brochures to encourage people to go visit National Register sites throughout the county,” Statz said.

The commission and its members protect five sites throughout Tooele City: the Tooele Valley Museum and Historic Park, Tooele Pioneer Museum Complex, which consists of the Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum in the old City Hall building and the Sons of Utah Pioneers Museum in the old Carnegie Library, plus the Broadway Hotel and the Clegg house. 

“The Kirk Hotel on Vine Street has put in an application and may be added to our list soon,” Statz said.

The 5-member commission has only four members and is looking for a fifth member to join. 

The commission meets once per quarter and is a voluntary organization. Anyone can join, regardless of whether or not they are a professional. The only requirement is they must be a Tooele City resident. 

“Anyone can join really,” Statz said. “We need someone who is passionate about local history or has some knowledge there. They don’t have to have a degree. We need someone who is passionate about preserving local history and buildings. It is an unpaid position and the members of the commission meet once a quarter for about an hour.”

Persons interested in joining the commission can call Tooele City Parks and Recreation at 435-843-2142 or send email to Terra Sherwood at The commission is part of the state’s Historic Preservation Commission.


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