Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

December 31, 2012
Hollywood, not guns, creates violence

Guns do not create violence just as spoons do not make people fat. This liberal and naïve misconception is being perpetuated by our government, which recognizes that a disarmed populace is much easier to control than one that has the means to defend itself. The problem with the horrible violence in America today is a result of our citizens’ unwavering fascination and intense devotion to the spectacular portrayal of violence generated by the movie industry. This tendency is referred to as “assimilation” in some circles. If Hollywood is allowed to continue its style of unbelievable and digitally enhanced violence, the world will continue to experience such incredibly inhumane actions as happened in Connecticut this past week. Take our weapons away and we will continue to act out what we see at the cinema due to the very strong psychological impact received by that medium’s patrons by catapults, swords and sticks. Disarming the populace is what initiated martial arts to develop in Southeast Asia. If this humble opinion were to have been generated by the government at an expense of $15 billion, we could call it a government survey. Then again, here I am singing to the preponderantly Republican choir in Tooele as opposed to an oratorio that needs to be directed toward the saltwater liberals in Pawtucket.

Ralph E. Pierce


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