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March 26, 2015
Hopefully, other companies will step forward for sponsorships

When the Deseret Peak Aquatic Center was closed in 2013, many citizens (myself included) were disheartened and wondered if it would ever reopen. Last year Energy Solutions agreed to sponsor the swimming pool to make it available to the public again.

This year Steadman’s has agreed to sponsor the motocross track at Deseret Peak. A number of other companies, as well as individuals, have donated money to Deseret Peak, the Benson Gristmill, etc.

Just to name a few, there’s Sam Clark, Dave Lawrence, Oquirrh Motor Inn, Best Western, Factory Flooring, All Types Plumbing, Utah Fabrication, US Magnesium, Kennecott and Beehive Broadband.

What a wonderful example of a community pulling together for the betterment and enjoyment of its citizens. Hopefully other companies will step up to help. We have soccer fields, softball fields, a horse arena, etc., that could use sponsors.

As citizens, we too need to step up and support these businesses. They’ve done their part; let’s do ours. If you’re going to purchase a product that Steadman’s has, check their prices. I personally know they are very competitive. If you hear someone blast EnergySolutions or US Magnesium, tell them how community minded they are. That’s what a community is all about.

The Tooele County Recreation Special Service District is accepting grant applications. The mission of the board is “to provide recreation and related services and facilities under Section 17A-2-130 U.C.A. 1953.” If you have an idea for a great project that would provide recreation for Tooele County citizens, apply for the grant.

The grant submission guidelines and proposals for obtaining grants will be accepted until April 2, 2015. The application includes: 1. The title of the project; 2. Description of the project; 3. Resource requirements; 4. Outyear costs; 5. Anticipated recreational usage; 6. Applications previous related experiences.

For more information and an applications, please go to

The Tooele County Delinquent Property Tax List has been posted. The tax sale this year will be held Wednesday, May 27 at 9 a.m. If you own property on the tax list that will be sold in the sale, please pay the taxes in the Tooele County Treasurer’s Office before that date. Letters to property owners will be mailed before the end of March. Fees on the unpaid taxes will range up to $400 per property.

A list of the property can be seen at


Marilyn Gillette is the Tooele County Clerk

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