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August 30, 2023
Hose Shop Elevated

County’s first hose supply company takes up shop on Grantsville’s Main Street 

Tooele County’s first hydraulic and industrial hose supply center, Elevated Service and Supply, recently set up shop in Grantsville after more than two years of mobile work.

Taylor Dixon and Scott Stapley, aka “The Hozerz,” are able to supply just about any type of hose needed including hoses for vehicles, agriculture, farming equipment, construction equipment, and more, along with fittings, adapters, couplings, and valves needed for connection.

Elevated Service and Supply set up shop at 47 W. Main Street in Grantsville at the beginning of August. Adorning the front of their parking area is a classic Ford 1929 Model A to attract customers.

“There wasn’t much out here in Tooele County servicing the hydraulic and industrial hose market in general,” Dixon said. “We are here to help.”

Originally, Dixon and Stapley wanted to open up shop at the beginning of the year, but their building needed a lot of work. Now, they are open and ready for business with no hose project too great.

The shop’s biggest market is construction, because of the high number of construction sites in the valley. Elevated Service and Supply provides hoses and fittings for excavators, bulldozers, and backhoes. Hydraulic hoses transfer pressure from pumps to parts of the equipment to raise and lower equipment. If a hose breaks on the job site, the equipment breaks down, and workers are unable to continue until a new hose is installed.

“Any time heavy equipment is being utilized, most of the lift cylinders, operations, and functions of that equipment are hydraulically powered, so they see a lot of wear and tear out in the field as they are being used,” Dixon explained. “Hoses rupture, seals break, and fittings become damaged.”

Their second biggest market is agriculture. Dixon and Stapley sell hoses and connections for tractors, water trucks, irrigation systems, and steam transfer systems.

“If you get a farmer down, there’s not much that’s more important to him than getting equipment back up and going before the rain comes,” Dixon said. “We are trying to bring some service back into the industry.”

For many of their hosing projects, customers travel to the shop to pick up their custom hoses and fittings or they bring in their old hoses and workers pick out a hose and fittings and put them together for the customer.

When customers are in the shop, Dixon and Stapley want to get them in and out as quickly as possible.

“The average customer is in and out of here in 15 minutes,” Dixon said. “If a hydraulic hose is ruptured, we get a measurement of their assembly, identify the ends on the assembly, and get the hose material we are going to use. We have all of the ends to match the hose. Most of this can be done while the customer waits here. We have quick turn-around times.”

The shop is equipped with many hoses and fittings, so usually customers don’t have to wait for workers to order the parts.

“We can match almost any manufacturer’s assembly,” Dixon explained. “We as the aftermarket dealer bring in bulk products and we have the ability to make any hose that’s out there.”

If the hose or fitting needed isn’t in the shop, workers are usually able to travel to Salt Lake City to pick up the parts and get them to the customers within one business day.

After customers receive their hoses and fittings, they go home and install them themselves.

For some of their larger jobs, workers travel to the site of the broken-down equipment in their trailer to install hoses and fitting for an extra charge.

“We go out to the site in our trailer and pull the lines out, make a custom line, and reinstall it back on the equipment,” Stapley explained.

If needed, workers are willing to travel all over Utah, but their priority is Tooele County.

Pricing at the company is competitive, Dixon said.

“We are the second cheapest as far as affordability goes in hose supply from Provo to Odgen,” he said.

So far, business at their location has been good.

“The word is getting out and we are getting a lot of inquiries,” Dixon said. “We’ve had some bigger companies reach out … We are meeting a lot of cool people.”

During their time working, Dixon and Stapley have helped some pretty big Youtubers with hosing projects like “Matt’s Off Road Recovery” and “Fab Rats.”

In the future, Dixon and Stapley want to open a few more shops in rural communities throughout the state.

“This isn’t going to be our first shop, but this will be our home base for sure,” Dixon said.

Prior to opening their business, Dixon worked for a hosing company in Salt Lake City.

Stapley previously worked in ranching and with heavy equipment. He often worked with Dixon who provided hoses for his equipment.

“One day we kind of got talking,” Stapley said. “We teamed up, because Taylor was tired of the regular hose shop vibes. I wanted to do something different too. We wanted to run a service-oriented hose shop.”

Dixon and Stapley built a trailer and a small, private shop in Stapley’s backyard and started their business in 2021. They mainly worked in the Salt Lake area at first, but slowly acquired more customers in Tooele County.

“We were doing the same thing we do now, but we didn’t have as many customers,” Stapley said. “We traveled to job sites and customer’s locations.”

Because both Dixon and Stapley live in Tooele County, they knew they wanted to open a location in Grantsville.

To learn more about Elevated Service and Supply, visit their Facebook page by searching “Elevated Service and Supply.” They are also on TikTok with almost 57,000 followers @thehoserz, and on Youtube by searching “The Hoserz.”

Currently Elevated Service and Supply is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. They are also available for emergencies by calling 801-707-7672.


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