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May 27, 2014
How grateful I am

During the winter months, we get so much bad publicity about our bad air and grant you, it does get bad. However, I want you to consider how wonderful it is here.

Give yourself a treat every day. Walk outside. Look at the sky. On May 12, 2014 it was unbelievably beautiful. The sky was a dazzling clear blue. The air, though a tad breezy, was so clean. I took several exaggerated breaths! I felt like running or climbing a nearby mountain. But reality set in. At age 89, only three months from being 90, and I felt a small pain in my knee. I thought, not too good of an idea. I looked at the mysterious sky. It was covered with huge clouds. I saw a cuddly poodle puppy, and a large root beer float. Unbelievable! The wonderful feeling came again — my whole being said, “I could have climbed that mountain!” Knee pain? No, not me! I am viewing the most beautiful scenery in the universe!

Under my feet I saw a miracle: Tiny red and purplish pink flowers just out of the ground. I just stood there, holding my breath. I just couldn’t stop myself from saying “Oh, look at this one. Look at that.”

I looked down again and saw some strange rocks, dark color with spots of black, white and orange. I glanced at the majestic, green-covered mountains with 1,000 shades of green, lavender and yellow. I was completely overcome with the joy of being alive. With my eyes filled with tears, I said, “Oh, thank you!” Thank you for all the beauty and peace we have in our amazing, colorful Tooele.

How grateful I am to be here. Take time every day to treat yourself and to look.

Edna Sampson


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