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March 11, 2014
How much longer?

So the North Salt Lake business of Stericycle wants to move to Tooele County/Skull Valley, and here they come, the Clean Air activists, the environmentalists. I mean really, what could be worst for North Skull Valley than a new, long-term business that has been chased out of its location in Salt Lake for pretty much no reason at all other than the same motivating force as always: fear.

Of course this group just wants to “delay” its move until some sort of environmental report is completed. If this report doesn’t favor the clean air environmental activists, the community along with Stericycle, will have to wait for the legal battle to end — someday. In the meantime, Tooele County will lose tax revenue and jobs.

I have to ask this question to all the reasonable, sensible members of this community: How much longer will we responsible, clear thinking members of this community, state and  nation, continue to take this garbage from a minority that has little if any real knowledge of the history of this planet or its past environments? The earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old, and we are but a passing phase our earth is allowing us to live through. The Earth can rid us of our presence at any moment.

Let’s take a brief look at the environmental activists/clear air movement’s history. There’s the Spotted Owl; we can’t have that go extinct! We can though kill an entire lumber industry in the northwest U.S. to save it. Yet its habitat runs from British Columbia down to Baja California in the west, and over much of central USA.

Then there’s the California Delta Smelt, a small part of a much larger genius of fisheyes. This tiny fish (really fish bait) has caused the denial of water by California State Government to most of central California’s framing industry making it un-farmable. In New Mexico there’s the Silver Minnow. It’s about 3.5 inches long and lives through the U.S. but people can’t have the water it lives in for farming, for anything.

How about ethanol? We destroy corn, a very necessary base food to create it. We are forced to put it in our gasoline in the name of clean air, but the established fact is, it lowers your car’s performance and gas mileage so we actually end up using more fuel.

One of the most powerful and accurate (in my opinion) honest descriptions of man’s relationship to this earth is the prelude to Jurassic Park ( If one reads it with an open mind, you will understand our insignificance to this earth we live on — at its discretion alone.

I have this advice for our environmentalist/clean air friends: head off for China, India, or any developing country. Have them catch up with the U.S. on air quality. Then come home — if they’ll let you out of prison.

Louis Duquette

Tea Party Supporter


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