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May 24, 2018
How to remove WiFi connections you no longer use

Old wireless internet connections left on our computer may cause connection issues and removing them might help improve the stability of our internet connection.

When you see the list of wireless networks installed on your computer, it may surprise you to see some you don’t recognize, or others of places you visited years ago and you connected to their “Free WiFi” network.

I recommend you remove all wireless network connections, except for the one you are actively using right now. If you do accidentally remove your current Wireless network, you reconnect your wireless by clicking the wireless icon either in the upper menu bar for a Mac user, or in the lower-right corner for a PC user, select your channel name and then enter your password. After your first login, it should remember it from that time forward.

For Mac users, to remove old wireless networks, go to the top-right and click the wireless icon in the menu bar and then select Open Network Preferences.

The Network window will open and from the list to the left, select WiFi. In the Network Name field, you’ll see the name of your last network.

Below, select the Advanced button. Another window opens and here you see all the networks that your computer has used to connect to the Internet. Again, it is OK to remove these except for the network you are currently using.

Highlight the network entry you want to delete and then select the “-“ minus sign at the bottom-left of the box. Select Remove. Once you have removed all the old connections, select OK, then select Apply in the network box and then you can close it.

A PC is similar in that you click the wireless icon in the bottom-right corner and then click the “Network and Internet settings” link. The Network and Internet Settings page opens.

First, to the left, click “WiFi.” Next in the center, click the “Manage known networks” link. When the next window opens, you’ll see a list of all the wireless networks saved on your computer. To remove, click the network name and then click “Forget.” You can do this for each one, except for the network you are currently using. Once you are done, close all your windows.

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