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February 9, 2012
How to set up spell check in Microsoft Outlook

When sending e-mail to co-workers, customers or management, it’s important to look your best and to be organized so everything happens the way it’s supposed to.

First, in the business world, you must give the appearance you know how to spell well. It is unprofessional to send an e-mail filled with spelling or grammatical errors. Most people admit they do not spell well, but luckily for those who struggle, Microsoft Outlook will make sure your messages are checked before they are sent.

Open Microsoft Outlook and click “File,” then click “Options.” To the left, click “Mail.” In the second section below “Compose messages,” you can checkmark “Always check spelling before sending” and “Ignore original message text in reply or forward.”

Click the “Spelling and Autocorrect” button to customize more settings. Under “When correcting spelling in Outlook,” checkmark “Check spelling as you type,” “Use contextual spelling,” “Mark grammar errors as you type” and “Check grammar with spelling.” Click “OK” twice to save your changes. “Contextual spelling” helps with proper usage between such words as “there” and “their,” etc.

Secondly, it’s also important when conversing with others to keep a record of your work and words between you and all others. When using e-mail to communicate, keep the entire back-and-forth conversation in one message. In Outlook, click “File” and then click “Options.” To the left, click “Mail” and then on the right, scroll down until you see “Replies and forwards.”

For most, you can checkmark: “Close original message window when replying or forwarding.” Now, to the right of: “When replying to a message” click the arrow and select “Include original message text.” You can do the same for “When forwarding a message” too. Click “OK” to save your changes. Both the “spell checker” and “including all text in an email conversation” help present you as a professional to others and protect you as an employee.

Scott Lindsay actively promotes learning the computer, regardless of age, to better one’s life and circumstances and has helped thousands of people over the past 10 years to become better computer users. He can be reached at

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