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August 22, 2013
How to update your apps from the Microsoft Store

As I have written previously, there are some advantages to having a Microsoft email account. One very important feature is the ability to download and update your Windows 8 apps from the Windows Store.

You will need to sign in to your Microsoft account before you can download and/or update your store apps. These updates are separate from Windows Updates, which are available to everyone who has genuine Windows installed on their computer. If you have already set up your computer without a Microsoft email account, I’ll show you hereafter how to sign in so you can download new and update your existing Store apps.

When you first turn on your Windows 8 computer and you are taken to the Start screen, there is a green tile called “Store.” When you see this tile, it may display a number in the lower-right corner. This number represents the number of app updates that are ready to be installed on your computer.

To do this, click the Store tile and then after a moment or two, in the upper-right corner, it will indicate “Updates” and the number of updates ready to install. Click this link and you will be taken to a window that will show each individual app that is ready. You can select all or some of these to update by clicking each one (it will show a checkmark when selected) and then clicking “Install” at the bottom of the window.

Each app you selected will show the progress of the update, and when they are finished, they will disappear. Once all the updates are complete, it will state this and you can go ahead and close this window by pressing the Windows logo key on your keyboard, then moving your mouse to the upper-right corner until the white Store tile appears, right-clicking it and selecting “Close.” Follow this procedure each time you notice an update number displayed on the Store tile.

If you didn’t set up your computer with a Microsoft account, you can easily sign in with one. From the Start screen, move your cursor to the lower-right corner until the Charm bar appears (the transparent menu). Click the sprocket icon marked “Settings” and then click “Change PC Settings.” Next, click “Users” and then click “Sign in with a Microsoft account.” Follow the instructions to complete the sign in.

If you don’t have a Microsoft account, go to and at the bottom, click “Sign up now” and fill out the required information. Once you are assigned a new Microsoft email account, you can go back to the Users menu to sign in and update or download new apps from the Microsoft Store.


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