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December 7, 2017
How to use the App Store for updates and a lot more

Knowing where to check for updates for your Apple device is paramount to its good health. In the App Store, there are also many apps available for free and even more for a cost.

Open your App Store by clicking the white “A” in a blue circle, located in your dock. If it isn’t in your dock, open “Finder” and then select “Applications” in the sidebar to the left. Depending on your view settings, find the App Store icon. Take a moment to drag it to your dock below so you can reach it easier in the future. Next, click to open the App Store.

When the store first opens, it will display the featured apps. Up at the top, you’ll see five tabs: Featured, Top Charts, Categories, Purchased and Updates. Select the “Updates” tab.

When you go into the updates page, it automatically begins searching for updates for your computer and for your installed apps. You can also click the “Updates” button at the top to manually begin the search. If any updates are available, I recommend you install all updates. Continue to search for updates until you receive the “No Updates Available” message.

Select the “Purchased” tab at the top. Here you’ll see a list of all the apps you have downloaded through the App Store, whether it was for a cost or for free. This list will include all apps downloaded using the same Apple ID, although they may be from more than one device.

Next, select the “Featured” tab. To the right, you’ll see links to your account and you’ll see suggested categories where you can go. One I recommend you check out is the “Invaluable Utilities.” Here you can find apps for a variety of reasons, including keeping your Mac running well. I have used “Disk Doctor” for several years and it works very well.

One last thing about your account: If you go to the menu bar at the top select “Store” and from the menu, select “View My Account.” Enter your Apple ID password to continue. Look through your account information and see if there is anything that needs to be updated. It is here you can update your credit card information on file, too. When you are finished with your changes, select “Done” at the bottom-right.

For more than 15 years, Scott Lindsay has helped thousands of people better their skills, publishing more than 400 articles about Apple and Microsoft software, the computer and the Internet. You can reach Scott for comments or questions at

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