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July 12, 2018
How to verify your identity in Windows 10

Do you receive messages trying to verify who you are? Microsoft is concerned that the person who owns the Windows software on your computer is the one who is using the computer. Follow these steps to help reduce the need to verify your identity.

Open Settings by clicking the Start button and then the Settings icon just above. Next and to the left, click “Accounts.” Your window should open to “Your info.”

If you look under the name of your account, it may state: “You need to verify your identity on this PC.” Go ahead and click “Verify” below and a smaller box will open.

In the box, you are given the choice how you want to receive a code. Depending on your recovery options, you can receive this as a text, an email or even a phone call. If you have not provided contact information, you will not be able to verify your computer until you do so. I’ll show you where to do this at the end of this article.

I find that having a text sent to my phone works the fastest. Select your choice from the list. If you choose to verify by email, you will need to enter the entire email address and then click “Next.” If you use a land line number, enter the number and then click “Next.” If you choose to have a text sent to you, select the number, enter the last four digits of the chosen phone number and then click “Next.”

Regardless of how you receive your code, once you have the code, enter it in the space provided and then click “Next.” If you need to use a different verification option, click the link below.

Once you enter your code and click “Next,” it will return to the “Your info” screen and you will not need to verify your identity again. There are other times that you will need to verify your identity, such as when entering sensitive areas like password changes and personal information updates.

If you find that you do not have any recovery options, make sure you are signed into your Microsoft account (Microsoft email and password), go to Settings and then Accounts. Click the link: “Manage my Microsoft account.” At the top, click “Security” and then click “Update your security info.” You will need to provide your password to enter this area. It is here you will input an email address or telephone number so you can receive a code. This also will allow you to reset your password should you ever forget it. I recommend you input two ways to contact you, just to be safe.

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