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September 13, 2016
I ask again

As a resident of Tooele County and the president of an organization that’s a long term user of the racetrack, currently known as Utah Motorsports Campus, I’m struggling to see how there is any controversy over the choice of buyer for the property.

MiTime, and their parent company Geely,  is a multi-national Fortune 500 Company with well articulated, long term plans to operate and expand the campus. Geely has revived Volvo from near extinction and is currently building a manufacturing plant in South Carolina to produce cars.

I realize that the original proposals by MiTime and Centerpoint Management have a difference in price. I also realize that both organizations are interested in the property for their own gain. The difference is that with MiTime that gain comes as a win/ win for MiTime and the residents of Tooele County.

I’ve had the experience of working with the MiTime/ UMC staff for a full racing season now and can clearly say that they have the interests of our community in mind. They have already brought new businesses to Tooele County, including Rodizio Grill and Industrial Supply. They continue to book events that draw thousands of people to our community, people that eat in our restaurants, sleep in our hotels and buy fuel at our gas stations.

So, I ask again. Where is the controversy? How is this even a choice?

Scott Rybarik

Stansbury Park

President of the Utah Sport Bike Association

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