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April 1, 2014
I find it sad

I’m writing in response to a recent letter to the editor regarding the county’s financial woes. First of all, I have been an employee of Tooele County for over 20 years. I’ve heard and witnessed things that the public has not. My question is: How can you sit on the outside and point fingers at elected officials, trying to find a place to lay blame? Blame should not be placed on any one elected official, or any one term of commissioners. These spending habits have been shared from one term of commissioners to the next. It is clear that you are not familiar enough with the whole situation to make an informed, educated statement.

The truth is, the county has been fortunate enough to have been receiving revenue from sources that other counties have not. We, as a county, have become accustomed to the comfortable lifestyle, with services that we take for granted, because of that money. Doesn’t that make us, as citizens, all responsible for the overspending? How many commission meetings have you attended? How many times have you stood up in commission meeting and voiced your opposition to something? We, as a public, have elected these officials to act in our behalf. But they can’t do that effectively if we don’t speak out, and commission meetings are the proper place for that, not in letters to the editor.

I find it sad that some people have waited until election time to start speaking out. And those people are not just expressing their disappointment over the county’s financial situation. They are pointing fingers at some people that have had very little control over the county’s spending habits. Are you just trying to discredit an elected official in order to place your candidate in office at election time? There are other elected officials that have a less than desirable track record in their field. Yet, we have elected them and trust them to handle our tax money. So where do you place the blame?

Patty Wheeler


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