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September 15, 2020
If you are registered to vote, your ballots will be in the mail

As with most things, elections have been impacted by COVID. The Tooele County Clerk’s office has had to make changes to how things are done to keep everyone safe and count ballots in a timely fashion. 

For the June Republican Primary, we ran a drive thru voting location for those who did not get ballots, were disabled and couldn’t vote the paper ballot, or had an emergency situation. This was very successful and safe for voters and poll workers alike. We will have one drive thru mobile polling location for the general election as well. Again, this will only be for those who did not get ballots in the mail, the disabled who can’t vote the paper ballot, and emergencies. 

This drive thru will be located at Deseret Peak Complex on Highway 138. But for the most part, voters will not need to use the drive thru location as we will mail ballots to all registered voters in Tooele County. Even in the drive thru, ballots are still paper, as we no longer have electronic voting machines. 

Contrary to anything that you may have been told, or if you received a postcard from USPS telling your to request a ballot, there is no need to do this. If you are registered and have a current address for the general election, you will be sent a ballot — automatically. We do not need a phone call or special request from you. If you want to make sure you’re registered, please go to and double check. 

So, stay home, stay safe and vote. There are four ballots boxes in Tooele County for you to drop your voted ballot off. They are located at Tooele City Hall, Grantsville City Hall, Stansbury Park near Kraver’s and the east side of the Tooele County building. Ballots will be arriving at homes in mid-October.

Tenille Tingey is the Chief Deputy Clerk for Tooele County.

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