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image Pictured above is a sample mail-in ballot envelope for the 2018 elections. The last set of mail-in ballots should reach residents by Oct. 29.

October 25, 2018
If you haven’t received a ballot by now, call me

Have you received your election ballot in the mail? The last batch to go through the printer should be in homes by Monday, Oct. 29. If you have not received it by then, please call my office at 435-843-3140. 

With this being the first general election the entire county is voting by mail, we are getting a lot of ballots returned due to old addresses. As we get those, we update the address and send out another ballot. What a great way to clean up the voting records and make sure we have voters’ correct addresses. 

And what a great segue into my next topic: A few of you may receive more than one vote by mail ballot. Yes, it’s possible. For example, let’s say you moved and didn’t update your voter registration. We are going to send a ballot to your old address we have on file. You call my office and ask where your ballot is, and that’s when we discover you have moved. We will “spoil” the first ballot and send a new ballot to your new address. 

Meantime, the first ballot hasn’t come back to our office yet. If that occurs, there’s a chance it will be forwarded to your new address. So now you’ll have two ballots. We’ve all heard the term, “vote early and vote often.” But obviously, it’s not possible to do that. Each ballot that is generated for you has a ballot ID on it. If we have spoiled your first ballot and you get it before the new ballot arrives, and you vote, the system will tell me that first ballot has been spoiled. The program will not allow more than one ballot to be credited to a voter in the same election.

We have tried to design the ballots so you know what they are when they come in the mail. However, sometimes they get thrown in the trash, or laid aside until you have time to research the propositions, never to be found again. We’ve had ballots turned in that have coffee, hot chocolate, or whatever you drink in the morning spilled on them. We have beautiful pictures when children have used the ballot as a canvas. We have comments written next to candidate’s names telling us how you feel about that candidate or that proposition. Most are not complimentary! We have procedures for these situations. 

Despite putting information in the Transcript Bulletin, on the Elections website, on Facebook, even sending a ballot and a voter information card to homes, many people are still confused. With the purchase of the new voting equipment authorized by the State of Utah, Tooele County is now a vote-by-mail county. That means all registered voters receive a paper ballot in the mail. There are no longer electronic machines to vote on. Early Voting is still held before the election. You are welcome to come to the Clerk’s Office to Early Vote, but it will be on a paper ballot, just like the one you received in the mail. 

We have ballot marking devices for the disabled or for those who have trouble reading and writing. There will be four polling locations on Election day. These are mainly for people who lost their ballot, didn’t get a ballot, or have questions. You are welcome to drop your voted ballot off to them, or any of the other locations (ballot boxes, Clerk’s office, post office (with a stamp). If you want to vote at a polling location, you can turn your ballot in to the election worker and they will hand you a paper ballot, just like the one you received in the mail. However, if this is important to you, please do so. Some people just like voting at the polling location. You are welcome to come. The important thing is that you vote.

For more detailed information, please go to the Clerk’s Election Website at, or call my office at 435-843-3140.

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