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October 5, 2017
In 1917, 46 local men honored as they depart for World War I

The Tooele Transcript Bulletin has published Tooele County news since 1894. Here is a flashback of local front-page news from 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago that occurred during the first week of October.

Oct. 6-8, 1992

A blocked furnace duct at a Tooele apartment nearly caused four deaths on a Monday.

Fire and ambulance crews were summoned to the Shady View Apartments for what was originally reported as a gas leak.

Four occupants were unconscious from carbon monoxide poisoning, according to a relative who arrived to check on family members who had previously complained of headaches and nausea.

Investigators were trying to determine if a return air duct, blocked by a dresser, caused the furnace to pull air from an exhaust chimney into the small apartment.

Later in the week, the front page featured a story on the purchase of land for a new elementary school in Tooele.

School officials had secured a land purchase agreement to build a new Central Elementary near the Northlake subdivision in Tooele.

If built, access to the school would be from Coleman and Tahoe streets just north of 100 North.

The agreement was to buy 11.18 acres at $10,000 per acre.

Oct. 6-9, 1967

The front page featured a story on improvements to a shooting range in Tooele.

The Tooele Gun Club was scheduled to shoot on Sunday at its new facilities located near the Elton Tunnel, announced Jack Davis, club president.

New additions included a clubhouse and two more traps. Davis said future plans included installing two more traps before winter set in, and a skeet range by next spring.

The clubhouse included restrooms, snack bar, picture window to look out at shooters and a large fireplace for winter months.

Later in the week, the front page featured a story on the transfer of fish from shallow water at Settlement Canyon Reservoir to deeper water in the reservoir.

Conservation officer Roy Garrard and three of his fellow workers caught 125 trout in a one-hour period with nets.

Water was drawn down on a portion of the reservoir so the bottom could be covered with a layer of clay. The layer of clay was supposed to stop water from leaking through the banks of the dam.

Oct. 6-8, 1942

Purchase of water for Tooele City culinary use occupied a major part of the discussion at a city council meeting on a Monday.

The city manager recommended that a 2-million-gallon storage tank be built and more water be purchased to take care of Tooele City’s increased population.

A special city council meeting would be held at a later date to discuss water issues.

Later in the week, the front page featured a story on ownership changes for a Tooele business.

Alfred Hanks and Ed Evans, two of Tooele’s most familiar businessmen, who operated Hanks & Evans confectionery for the previous 27 years, sold their business to Cecil and Theo Tate.

Summer sales were brisk, but increased business activity was too strenuous for the owners to continue during emergency war time.

The business was closed on Labor Day, and eventually purchased by the Tates.

Oct. 5, 1917

A big farewell extravaganza was held in Tooele on a Wednesday afternoon and evening in honor of 46 men who departed on Oct. 3 for U.S. Army duty.

The men met at the courthouse for roll call, after which a patriotic program was held. A brass band played and several speeches were given. A list of the names of the 46 men was printed on the front page. At the time, the nation was in the grips of World War I, which occured from 1914 to 1918.

Staff Writer Mark Watson compiled this report.

Mark Watson

Sports Editor at Tooele Transcript Bulletin
Mark directs all editorial coverage of sports in addition to reporting on a wide range of events from high school football to international racing. He has a wealth of journalism experience, having worked for four other newspapers in the state. Mark grew up in Tooele County and graduated from Grantsville High School and Brigham Young University.

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