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September 16, 2021
In 1921, swimming pool completed in Tooele

The Tooele Transcript Bulletin has published Tooele County news since 1894. Here is a flashback of local front-page news from 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago that occurred during the third week of September.

Sept. 17-19, 1996

Nearly 200 Stockton residents were evacuated from their homes after a 55-gallon drum of crystalized ether was found near an old clandestine drug lab in town.

The evacuation was done because law enforcement officials feared the ether could explode in the middle of Stockton. An official from Salt Lake County’s bomb squad said the crystalized ether contained in the drum had the explosive power of one ton of TNT.

The 55-gallon drum — which contained 45 gallons of the crystalized ether — exploded Friday night in a fiery red blast at the north end of Rush Lake.

Later in the week, Grantsville City leaders indicated it would not be long before those who wanted to build houses in the city would need to pay impact fees for parks.

During a city council meeting, the draft of an ordinance which would allow assessment of that fee was accepted by the City.

Sept. 14-17, 1971

Three or four dogs are struck and killed on Tooele streets each week, reported Tony Krulitz, Tooele City Animal Warden.

Friday morning four dogs and three cats were struck by automobiles and killed in Tooele, he stated, urging Tooeleans to keep their pets tied up.

Some people let their dogs roam early in the morning and in the evening and I will start to patrol during this period of the day to meet the situation, he said.

Later in the week, members of the Tooele Gem and Mineral Society were busy with their last-minute preparations for their 5th annual show.

It was to be held on Sept. 17,18 and 19 at the Smeltermans Lodge on East Vine Street. The show was free to the public. There would be a working arrowhead chipper and a dealer from California who would demonstrate diamond products.

Special invitations had been made to the schools. Many students had attended in the past, and officers hoped to see the students again this year.

Sept. 17-20, 1946

Due to the extensive requests for curb, gutter and sidewalks to be included in a new improvement district and the critical shortage of cement it was necessary to delay actual construction on the project until early spring, according to City Manager Dale James.

However, the special improvement district would be set up in the fall and contracts would be let in order to avoid any delay in the spring.

It was the desire of the city council to assist in every way possible in helping those individuals who do have material and means to do the work as soon as possible.

Later in the week, twice-a-day mail delivery was instituted in Tooele together with an expansion of the routes to Tooele Highlands, Valley View and Pine Hurst avenues

Four new carriers had been employed to take care of the added services. 

Postmaster John T. Adams urged residents to include full addresses, including street numbers, on mail delivered by carriers in Tooele City.

Sept. 16, 1921

With the swimming pool completed and officially turned over to the city at appropriate exercises last Friday afternoon we are now able to boast of one of the best municipal pools in the state of Utah.

A large crowd assembled at the presentation exercises at the City Park and the program was according to the outline in our last edition. The building committee was released with a vote of thanks for their efficient work and free service. 

Mayor Gillette recommended, however, that a new committee be appointed to work on plans to enclose the pool so it could be heated.

Sports Editor  Mark Watson compiled this report

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