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July 27, 2017
In 1942, devastating wildfires threaten towns, property

The Tooele Transcript Bulletin has published Tooele County news since 1894. Here is a flashback of local front-page news from 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago that occurred during the fourth week of July.

July 28-30, 1992

The front page featured a story on movie prop master and stunt master Tony Kruletz. He was scheduled to be the opening featured act at the Tooele County Fair on Aug. 6

“My greatest love has always been for antiques and western things that are disappearing so fast,” Kruletz said.

He was known as an authentic American cowboy.

The movie industry liked Kruletz so much that it began to cover his travel expenses back and forth to rodeos — if he would come back as a stunt man for their movies.

Later in the week, the front page featured a story on a proposed 96-unit apartment complex for Stansbury Park’s Millpond area.

The debate was whether officials should use an 18-year-old county master plan or make a new one at the request of current residents.

Ed Costomiris of the Stansbury Park Preservation Fund said residents did not want the apartment complex.

The issue was tabled for two weeks.

July 25-28, 1967

Anthony A. “Red” DelPapa was honored after a Tooele American Legion baseball game for his long service to Tooele baseball.

He was born in Italy and came to Tooele when he was one year old. He played football, basketball and baseball for Tooele High School under coach Sterling Harris.

He was a member of the Tooele Western Utah League baseball team that took the championship in 1930.

“I’ve been monkeying around baseball ever since”  he said.

DelPapa had taken care of Tooele parks and baseball fields since 1932, and planned to retire at the end of 1967 as city parks superintendent.

Later in the week it was announced that an expansion to the Tooele City sewer plant was about to begin.

Mayor Frank Bowman reported that funds were available for a new sand trap and new clarification unit.

It was expected that a $160,000 federal grant would pay about one-third of the cost.

Pressure from the State Board of Health had forced the city into immediate action on the sewage plant problem, Bowman said.

July 28-31, 1942

A front-page story announced that devastating fires ravaged Tooele County during the previous weekend. They destroyed valuable winter range, and threatened homes, watershed and the Tooele defense area.

A 2,000-acre fire, surmised by officials to have been deliberately set, threatened the watershed and the town of Stockton, and the Tooele Valley Ordinance Depot.

Sheriff White said that a group of men did a miraculous job subduing the flames. A horse brigade was organized to carry water to the fire. He said the Stockton watershed was saved at a great risk.

Later in the week it was announced that the Tooele Ordnance Depot would need several employees. Some of the jobs included junior stenographer, junior typist, guard, firefighter and chauffeur.

Applicants had to be 16 years old, and examinations were required for some positions.

July 27, 1917

The front page reported that mining was stirring up in the area.

The O.K. Silver at Indian Spring was working 15-20 men. Holt, Nelson and Cook had a truck hauling ore from Six Mile to Faust Station. Strang Brothers were shipping a carload of ore from Death Canyon via Delta.

Harry Joseph of Salt Lake was out looking over his mining property in the old Black Crook section a few days earlier to arrange for assessment and development work on his ground.

Staff Writer Mark Watson compiled this report.

Mark Watson

Sports Editor at Tooele Transcript Bulletin
Mark directs all editorial coverage of sports in addition to reporting on a wide range of events from high school football to international racing. He has a wealth of journalism experience, having worked for four other newspapers in the state. Mark grew up in Tooele County and graduated from Grantsville High School and Brigham Young University.

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