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March 2, 2017
In 1942, three miners rescued from mine after being trapped

The Tooele Transcript Bulletin has published Tooele County news since 1894. Here is a flashback of local front-page news from 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago that occurred during the fourth week of February and first week of March.

Feb. 25-28, 1992

Possible future plans for the Grantsville LDS First Ward Chapel on Clark Street were featured on the front page in the Feb. 25, 1992 edition.

Grantsville officials spent $880 to find out if the building was structurally sound and how much repairs might cost. A study was conducted by architect Ronald Simmons of Edwards and Daniels Associates.

“He will get started right away, said Grantsville Mayor Howard Murray. “In fact, I expect to hear from him pretty soon on what he found.”

Grantsville officials considered to purchase the former LDS chapel for its historical value. The adobe structure was built in 1866. City officials looked at available financing options and weighed pros-and-cons of buying the building.

Simmons told the city council he would charge about $2,900 for an extensive study of repair costs.

“We don’t want to buy the building for its historical value and then have it fall over the next day,” Murray said.

“… If they find that it is structurally sound, I envision the city buying the chapel and then we’ll go with the full study after that,” the mayor said.

City discussions included using the chapel as an extension for the Donner Reed Museum, or using part of the building as an extension for City Hall.

Feb. 28-March 3 1967

Tooele County officials followed the lead from national officials to discuss defense measures in case of a nuclear attack.

A front-page story in the Feb. 28 edition reviewed a meeting held in Tooele City on the subject.

A group of 14 citizens, plus public and government officials, met at Tooele City Hall to consider the following questions:

If a nuclear attack were launched against the United States today, what would we do? Are fallout shelters available? Where are they located? Do they contain food, water and other needed supplies? How safe are we in a fallout shelter? What does protection factor (PF) mean?

Community leaders and citizens formulated a Citizens Advisory Committee to the Community Shelter Program and recommended community actions necessary to ensure citizens have shelters to protect them in case of nuclear fallout.

The meeting was led by Tooele County Commissioner George Buzianis, Tooele County Civil Defense Director James Dugdale and Dr. Brent Gubler, Utah State director of adult education for civil defense.

The front page also featured a story on Tooele City’s U.S. Post Office in the March 2 issue.

Postal patrons had been walking into the post office only to come out with a surprised look on their faces.

“It’s gone,” they exclaimed, and then they remembered the post office was supposed to move to a temporary headquarters on North Broadway the previous week because of construction.

“Everything went just fine,” said Postmaster Richard Allgood. “We expect to have the front painted and the signs up next week. We would like to thank all of the people for bearing with us. We realize it’s going to be an inconvenience not only for them, but for us, too.”

Construction plans called for adding wings on the south and north ends of the building. The south wing would be occupied by the post office and the north wing by offices for federal agencies. The expansion plan cost $260,000.

Feb. 24-27, 1942

Three miners were rescued from the Mercur Mine on Feb. 24 after being entombed in a 100-foot tunnel for 50 hours. Two miners were from Pleasant Grove and the other one was William Peterson of Ophir.

Dr. J. H. Millburn attended the rescued men as they emerged from the opening dug by rescue crews. He found them able to be taken home where they were ordered to rest for a few days before returning to work.

The three men were entombed at 10 a.m. Sunday when a huge slide covered the mouth of the tunnel.

A steam shovel began to clear the portal but was abandoned 24 hours later for crews with hand shovels who reached the buried miners the next day.

In the Feb. 27 edition, a front-page story reported the U.S. Navy had announced that a new destroyer ship under construction would be given the name “Bennion” in honor of one of the nation’s newest naval heroes, Capt. Mervyn Sharp Bennion of Vernon.

Bennion heroically gave his life during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7.

A junior officer who was there during the attack described the scene: “He [Bennion] was lying severely wounded and still conscious on the signal bridge. He was very anxious to know how the battle proceeded and what action our ships had taken.”

The officer said Bennion’s first thought was of his men. He said Bennion continued to direct his men as the bombing continued. He lost the use of his legs and was unable to leave the signal bridge. It was believed he was killed later that morning after another bomb attack.

March 2, 1917

The Tooele High School Agricultural Club announced a meeting for a Farmers and Housekeepers Roundup. The featured speaker was the Honorable Frank B. Stephens of Salt Lake. He lectured on how to make use of the Federal Farm Loan Act. The Roundup also emphasized a program designed to be the most practical for farmers of Tooele and the area. Three phases of farming were discussed including truck gardening, horticulture and dry farming.

Staff Writer Mark Watson compiled this report.

Mark Watson

Sports Editor at Tooele Transcript Bulletin
Mark directs all editorial coverage of sports in addition to reporting on a wide range of events from high school football to international racing. He has a wealth of journalism experience, having worked for four other newspapers in the state. Mark grew up in Tooele County and graduated from Grantsville High School and Brigham Young University.

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