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June 3, 2021
In 1946, new Tooele rodeo park nears completion 

The Tooele Transcript Bulletin has published Tooele County news since 1894. Here is a flashback of local front-page news from 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago that occurred during the first week of June.

June 4-6, 1996

The front page featured stories on graduation ceremonies at Tooele, Grantsville, Dugway and Wendover high schools.

Tooele High’s commencement ceremonies honored 261 graduates, many students were overcome with emotion as they were handed their graduation diplomas.

Lincoln Wright addressed the capacity crowd at the high school auditorium. He related the story of Christopher Columbus and challenged the graduates to, “step onto an unexplored plain.”

Grantsville graduated 94 seniors, Dugway 33 seniors and Wendover 32.

Later in the week, volunteers had worked around the clock during the week to ensure that the Tooele County Arts Festival would be the best ever.

“We’ve worked hard and I expect to see everyone in town out to the festival this weekend,” committee member Coon said with a laugh.

Marta Johnson, festival director, said she and about 20 committee members started planning the event one year earlier.

June 1-3, 1971

Four appointments to administrative positions in the Tooele County School District were announced by the Board of Education.

Those named to the new positions were James R. Gowans, elementary director; Boyd F. Gurney, principal of Tooele High School; Joseph E. Koeven, principal of Grantsville High School; and Dr. Melvin Walker, principal of East Elementary School.

Applications were received from all parts of Utah and from several other states including California. Board members said the selection committee found it extremely difficult to make final decisions because there were so many excellent applicants.

Later in the week it was announced that Tooele Junior High School would be open in June and July and make its facilities available to children and youth in the area.

The success of the Community School program the previous year had led Tooele County School District, in cooperation with city officials, to open the junior high school for community use.

“Our schools belong to the public and the public should be able to use them, ‘’ Lee Pratt, director of the program stated.

June 4-7, 1946

Installation of floodlights during the week would mark another major step in the completion of Tooele’s new rodeo park in the northwest corner of the city.

Fencing was almost completed around the arena, as well as the stock chutes and coralls. Footings were being dug for the grandstand, which would seat 2,000 when completed, and with auxiliary bleachers it was anticipated that 4,000 could be accommodated.

Everything pointed toward completion of a new rodeo park ahead of schedule and in time for the first annual performance of the Tooele Bit and Spur Club on July 4-6.

Later in the week, Tooele had a spectacular event on Wednesday afternoon at the corner of Main and Vine streets.

A loaded house moving van collided with the Tooele Valley Railroad train.

The driver of the van was headed north on Main Street, and in an attempt to stop for the red light and the train, the wind against the van made it impossible to control the vehicle, but the driver used his head and turned west on Vine parallel with the train and hit the fifth railroad car and three parked cars. 

June 3, 1921

A committee representing the two proposed water projects of Tooele Valley held a conference with the Salt Lake Commercial Club. Gov. Charles Mabey and State Engineer R.E. Caldwell plan to visit Tooele Valley to get firsthand information on the proposed water projects of this valley.

The governor and engineer along with leading businessmen of Salt Lake City planned to visit Tooele Valley later in June. 

Correspondent Mark Watson compiled this report

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