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June 21, 2022
In 1947, Tooele County plans to celebrate Utah Centennial Day on June 28

The Tooele Transcript Bulletin has published Tooele County news since 1894. Here is a flashback of local front-page news from 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago that occurred during the fourth week of June.

June 24-26, 1997

It was time for taxpayers to bite the bullet and pay for the $10 million bond voters overwhelmingly approved the previous year.

Property taxes were scheduled to go up 12 percent over the previous year to maintain the 1996 $10 million bond approved by voters to finance a new Wendover Elementary School and other classrooms in the Tooele County School District.

Most notable in the budget proposal was a 12% hike in property tax rate. The previous year’s tax rate was .006383 while this year’s tax rate is .007145.

Later in the week, thousands of nuisance mosquitoes were causing the Tooele Valley Mosquito Abatement District to increase adulticide spraying around the county.

“This is the most population we’ve seen in 20 years. It’s this strange weather we’ve had this spring, all the rain and the cool temperatures have really enhanced their staying power,” said Robert Brand, manager of the abatement district. A phenomenal explosion of mosquitoes had occurred after a big rainstorm.

June 20-23, 1972

National Distribution Services revealed plans to lease a large warehousing center near Tooele. The announcement came from Tony Saracino, president of Pacific International Freeport Center, the Tooele County Commission, and Dale Howard, manager, Tooele Chamber of Commerce.

Saracino also announced plans for a container depot to be built along with the warehouse by the Freeport Center. Official groundbreaking ceremonies for the industrial complex, which was located on a 4,000 acre site just north of Tooele, was tentatively scheduled for Sept. 7.

Later in the week, the first sailing regatta was scheduled for June 25 at 11 a.m. at Stansbury Lake, the 100-acre freshwater lake Terracor had completed at this new town 10 miles north of Tooele.

Sailboats in the 8-14 foot class would race to a marker and back, a roundtrip distance of about one mile, according to John O’Brien, commodore of the Utah Sailing Association.

Sunfish Laser, Butterfly, El Toro and Star Dancer boats were expected to be among the entries, O’Brien said.

June 24-27, 1947

Tooele Mayor A.D. Tanner signed a proclamation and set aside the entire day of June 28, 1947 as Utah Centennial Day in Tooele City and respectfully requested all private citizens and business houses of the community to cooperate in appropriate celebration of this great day.

“On June 28 the Centennial Committee of Tooele County will sponsor a full day of celebration consisting of a parade, sporting events and an outstanding pageant.

“In respect to the early pioneers of this great state it becomes our patriotic duty to cooperate and support these most worthy events.”

Later in the week, Centennial Celebration events were advertised, including softball games on Thursday, June 26; swimming races and the first showing of a monster parade of floats, horsemen and bands on Friday, June 27; a Centennial Revue on June 27 which would include 12 star-studded acts of music, dancing and comedy at the high school auditorium.

Saturday, June 28 included the greatest parade ever held in Tooele with elaborate floats, five marching bands, and colorful Bit & Spur riders.

June 23, 1922

The committees in charge of the Fourth of July program of this city have been busy this week getting things lined up for a big celebration. Their program was not yet complete, but as there is one more publication before the Fourth you can look for a complete outline of events in the coming issue.

The outline of the day’s celebration is as follows: firing of salute, auto parade, program at Liberty Park, lunch hour, events in the City Park, horse racing, big dance with enlarged orchestra. 

Help the committee in their endeavor to have a rousing celebration.

Sports Editor Mark Watson compiled this report.

Mark Watson

Sports Editor at Tooele Transcript Bulletin
Mark directs all editorial coverage of sports in addition to reporting on a wide range of events from high school football to international racing. He has a wealth of journalism experience, having worked for four other newspapers in the state. Mark grew up in Tooele County and graduated from Grantsville High School and Brigham Young University.

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