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October 13, 2016
In 1966, Tooele’s mayor announces $80K project for airport

The Tooele Transcript Bulletin has published Tooele County news since 1894. Here is a flashback of local front-page news from 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago that occurred during the second week of October.

Oct. 15 and 17, 1991

Members of a National Guard company from Springville traveled to Wendover City to lend a hand in constructing four filter ponds. The ponds’ construction brought Wendover one step closer to having its own water system.

At the same time, incumbent Grantsville City Council candidate Tom Ware called for a recount of primary election ballots. After the first count, Ware emerged only two votes short of winning the primary election. The recount did correct some errors but confirmed the results of the first count.

Oct. 11 and 14, 1966

After meeting with the city council, Tooele City Mayor Frank Bowman announced the city would pay an engineering firm to make a layout plan of the Tooele airport. The layout plan was part of an $80,000 airport improvement project.

A few days later, the first snow of the season blanketed the county. The storm caused snow to build up on trees in Tooele City, “knocking many limbs down, causing many residents much alarm,” the reporter wrote.

Oct. 14 and 17, 1941

Tooele City Democrats and Republicans announced their candidates for mayor, one four-year councilman, three two-year councilmen, a recorder and a treasurer. At the same time, 13 men from Tooele County were drafted into the U.S. Army.

Later that week, officials announced they would make every effort to start ore shipments from Bingham through the Elton Tunnel by Nov. 1. The work was expected to employ about 300 men.

Oct. 13, 1916

Samuel Kaiser of Benmore applied for rights to 0.10 cubic-feet of water per second from Mahogany Spring in Tooele County. Anyone who wished to protest granting the application had to file an affidavit and pay a $2.50 fee.

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