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May 28, 2020
In 1970, fire destroys structures at Tooele Bit N Spur Rodeo Ground

The Tooele Transcript Bulletin has published Tooele County news since 1894. Here is a flashback of local front-page news from 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago that occurred during the fifth week of May and first week of June.

May 30-June 1, 1995

Another chapter in the lives of more than 500 teenagers came to a close the previous week as they accepted the slip of parchment paper that marked the end of their high school careers and beginning of many others.

Both Wendover and Dugway high schools each graduated about 30 seniors. Grantsville High School graduated 101 seniors and at Tooele High School 300 seniors received diplomas.

About 29 students received diplomas from the Adult Education Learning Center.

Later in the week, Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt had joined a group of local officials in support of a new plan for the reuse of Tooele Army Depot’s North Area maintenance complex.

In a letter to Vice President Al Gore dated May 23, Gov. Leavitt stated that he can’t understand why the Army would not assist Tooele County “during this time of financial hardship resulting from realignment.”

May 26-29, 1970

Fire destroyed equipment and several structures at the Tooele Bit N Spur Rodeo Ground on the morning of May 26.

Seven corrals, two horse trailers and an amount of baled hay were destroyed in the early morning blaze. Three trucks, two tankers and a full complement of volunteer firemen responded to the fire call and had it under control in about 25 minutes.

Work of the volunteers was hampered by about 20 frightened horses racing about the arena.

Friday’s front page featured an update on population numbers for Tooele County from the 1970 census.

Tooele County’s population tallied 21,215, an increase of 3,347 compared to the 1960 population of 17,868.

Tooele City increased in population from 9,133 in 1960 to 12,378 in 1970.

Grantsville increased in population from 2,166 in 1960 to 2,926 in 1970.

Wendover’s 1970 population totaled 757, Onaqui 528, Ophir 72, and Stockton 454.

Dugway figures, although included in the county total, were not included in the report.

May 29-June 1, 1945

Ways and means of securing an airport for local use were discussed at the last regular meeting of the Tooele Junior Chamber of Commerce, May 24, 1945. 

State and national representatives listed requirements and recommendations for airports of various types.

A Class II Airport was favored for Tooele. That was one that handled up to large single-engine planes or the smaller two-engine planes.

Primary requirement for government assistance was that the land be in the name of Tooele City.

Later in the week, Tooele softball season opened.

Supt. Sterling R. Harris, Mayor N. Howard Jensen, Commission president D.L. (Sike) Gillette and a representative from the Tooele Ordnance Depot participated in the opening ceremonies. The public was invited to attend the opening games with Mission Service vs. Jay’s Fine Foods at 8 p.m. and 635th Crosses against the Tooele High School boys at 9 p.m.

May 28, 1920

The front page announced that Monday, May 31, would be observed as Decoration Day. All former servicemen were requested to turn out in uniform at 9 a.m.

The band, under the direction of Mr. J.M. Boyden, would lead a procession to the cemetery, followed by the ex-servicemen, high school cadets, Boy Scouts, and any fraternal organization who wished to participate.

Memorial services would be held at 10 a.m. An evening dance would be held in the Tooele Opera House.

Correspondent Mark Watson compiled this report.


Mark Watson

Sports Editor at Tooele Transcript Bulletin
Mark directs all editorial coverage of sports in addition to reporting on a wide range of events from high school football to international racing. He has a wealth of journalism experience, having worked for four other newspapers in the state. Mark grew up in Tooele County and graduated from Grantsville High School and Brigham Young University.

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